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Well Trump is president so scroll down and see the Moment of Zen Pun. Unreal. Pretty sure I could get one each and every week or every day for that fact. START with Thomas Noyer and his winter spot and filming with a drone edit. Dontae bike check on Profile Racing. Happy Bday to Mat Olson who is on the road...slowly...on his way to Florida for a few months. RIP RideBMX the last print magazine is done...sad day. Also check the instaVids for this week. Throwback video. And always the product of the week. Stay warm, stay on your bike, enjoy your weekend bubs. -Chad D Thomas Noyer At Home from Maxime Cassagne on Vimeo.

Dialing it in with Dontae Styles

Here’s a new build from Dontae Styles.
Orlando up and comer, supported by Mr. Bike and Board and Profile Racing.
Thanks to Both Dontae and Mr. for the support!
Name : Dontae styles Age: 17 From: Brooklyn NY Favorite  Spots – flat ledges / stair sets
Bars – deco mustache 9.5 28 wide
Forks – deco fu
Frame- deco lifted 21 inch
Pedals – deco
Seat -deco
Post deco
Sprocket – animal sprocky balboa
Cranks – profile gdh
Stem – profile push stem 48mm
Hubs – profile mini front and back
Grips – deco logo grips
Made it to funky town! Such an amazing trip and I'm only half way there. 1200 miles and counting. Can't thank my Bmx friends enough for the hospitality and the good times had along the way. I love my Volkswagen? shout out to my pops @dans_vw_customs for putting in the extra effort to make sure I'm good to go out on the road. @matuptobat HAPPY BDAY to @matuptobat Thanks for all the kind words and messages! Spent most of the day tuning things up at the trails. Great way to spend the day clearing the head and enjoying the sights. This place has gotten so much better since I last rode here. We tuned in the whole top and will be trying to get a lap or ten in tomorrow. @terryadamsbmx Just heard the news about @ridebmx . I want to thank everyone that has ever worked at the publication for supporting all of #BMX . I remember calling the number in the back of the magazine when i was 12 years old to tell them they got my placing wrong in a contest, the following month I'd read in the news section "Terry called again, to say we got his placing wrong" my point is, I was never shunned away. I was a kid obsessed with the magazine waiting for every issue to arrive in the mail and they understood that. I'm so thankful to have gotten the last full page  #flatland cover for the magazine in over 20 years. @jeffzphoto I can't thank you enough for not only shooting this cover, but for all the other times we went out to shoot. Also thanks to @marklosey for my first photo in the magazine in 99" ! Of course @mulligan4130 for all the years of hard work and love for #BMX . My hat is off to all of you, Thanks for all the years of putting BMX on the map. This should have been posted yesterday for #tabletoptuesdaybut a bit busy! Let's say #wayupwednesday !! Another insanely good shot by @matt_coplon ? thank you so much! As seen on @decobmx the other day tweaked as I could get it trying to put my foot on a telephone pole! - @ryantorrancebmx $999.99 FREE SHIPPING TO USA, OTHER COUNTRIES CONTACT FOR SHIPPING CHARGES. CONTACT CHAD@DECOBMX.COM FOR CUSTOM BUILD AND SHIPPING TO YOUR SPECS. THESE ARE HIGH END COMPLETES WITH HIGH END COMPONENTS. FREE SHIPPING USA ONLY, INTERNATIONAL PLEASE CONTACT FOR SHIPPING RATES INCLUDING CANADA AND INTERNATIONAL... THE GOOD STUFF... 21" SELF TITLED STREET V2 ALL BLACK $999.99 FREE SHIPPING DECO FUFORKS 28MM OFFSET VOLUMN BARS 4 PC BARS CINEMA WHEEL RSD FREECOASTER MATTE BLACK PROFILE 48MM PUSH STEM BLACK DECO INTEGRATED HEADSET BLACK PROFILE 19MM GDH SPLINE DRIVE CRANKS 170MM BLACK DECO PC PEDALS GOLD WITH METAL PINS CULT HALFLINK CHAIN KINK LOW PRESSURE TIRES DECO LOGO GRIPS SOFTER BLACK DECO PIVOTAL SEATPOST BLACK 135MM DECO MID 19MM BOTTOM BRACKET BLACK PROFILE SIGNET GUARDED 25T BLACK SPROCKET SPLINE DRIVE DECO LOGO EMBOSSED PIVOTAL SEAT InstaVids for this week:
Product of the week: AXLE NUTS OR “LUG NUTS” It’s so nice to keep your wheels on your bike and your ACTION BARS or WuPEGS held tight. Like that song Sir Elton John sings about the BOSS “Hold me close I’m Tony Danza”.  Be the boss or at least trust that your wheels and pegs won’t fall off  and know there is a new Tony Danza in town. COLORS: BLACK SIZES: 10mm and 14mm SOLD AS A PAIR 17mm SOCKET COMPATIBLE WEIGHT: .6 oz.  PAIR MSRP $9.99 Deco axle nuts Throwback video: Upcoming events: img_6082 More info follow @flbxm and

2/4 Sarasota 3/4 Jupiter April 15 Oviedo/FINALS

Florida Gold!
An FL-BMX video contest hosted by Profile Racing
Starts today, December 1st, ends March 19th.
The basic concept:
--Edit must include at least 3 riders, but cannot exceed 5.
--Can be filmed with anything (even phones)
--Video length: 2 to 2-1/2 minutes long.
--Can be any type of riding as long as its in Florida (Street, Park, Dirt and Flat)
--Judged by Profile's Dillon Leeper Jeff Klugiewicz Jake Seeley Grant Castelluzzo and Jared Eberwein
Hand made Profile Racing trophies awarded in Bronze (3rd), Silver (2nd), and Gold (1st).
Winners announced at the after party of the last stop of the FLBMX series in Oviedo on April 1st.
For much more detailed info, please go to or
Most importantly, have Fun!
Moment of ZEN:

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