dontae-styles-dymo-font "Wasssupp i'm 16 turning 17 …… Ive been riding bmx for about 4 years after my retirement from scooters ! Im from brooklyn NY i lived there until I was 8yrs old then I moved to Orlando, FL  and i'm currently still living there ? I am a STREET RIDER but enjoy riding parks …. who doesnt ?? And i love the spanish women !!" FOLLOW DONTAE ON @DONTAEISLIFE Instagram SPONSORS: Deco-Banner-copy-600x234 Mr.Profile_NonComStack_300x300 #DONTAEKNOWSDECO #DECOBMX #FLORIDECO dontae-cover dontae-helicopter screen-shot-2016-05-31-at-6-33-14-pm img_5616

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