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BMX lost a great one. Tough to write it all ...or quote the great times...so be excited about BMX and know were going to honor Dave in only good ways for BMX. #goldpedalsformirra  Enjoy this week. Little light but still amazing week. Holla. -Chad D  

Dumb it down for a school show

Posted by Chad DeGroot on Sunday, February 7, 2016
  This is what happens when you make your driveway a cement slalom course. 4:35pm yesterday. Nose pick. Pic care of @scottyb813 and good times care of @rtclem Thanks for the invite. @decobmx #decobmx #bmx #profileracing @profile_racing Coplon dream driveway   North of NOLA: Degroot + Adams
2-1/2 days zig-zagging across the Louisiana triangle: NOLA, Hammond, and Baton Rouge with Chad Degroot and Terry Adams. 
Chad mixes up flat with street style, and Terry connects some wild links aboard the Profile Z Coaster.
Thanks to Terry and Vanessa for the hospitality, Scott O-Brien and Ooti for the NOLA tour guiding. 
Filmed and edit by Matt Coplon.
Camo Available!
Profile Mini Hubs in RHD and LHD (all configurations: build your own hub)
Deco Grips
Deco Fork Compression Bolts
Deco Pedals (4 variations of camo)
Contact your local shop to snag some. #decobmx @decobmx #profileracing @profile_racing
Exciting to be in Kobe Japan but only for a short stint for ?#?Flatark?. This pic is from late 2015 in Japan. Waking up early was no problem specially working on an ad for @torquebmx for @ridebmx huge thanks to @aaronnardi for the snap @hiroshi430 for making me laugh this morning and ?#?flatland? ?#?profileracing? ?#?growbmx? ?#?kobe? ?#?decobmx? ?#?decojapan??#?memolies? -@chaddegroot
Upcoming events:   IMG_2179 TBLDFJ16_teaser AFA_ROUND-1_instaG AFA_ROUND-1_AFTERS_instaG IMG_2712 12633118_1643050309290083_2079019017_o 12562638_10153731505820049_1933578878_o Sponsorship package B Sponsorship package B (dragged) Sponsorship package B (dragged) 1 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 2 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 3 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 4 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 5 Looking for a  DecoBMX Products? click on the tab nav_dealers  to find out...and thanks to the new dealers that just popped up and joined our crew. Want to become a dealer? contact chad@decobmx.com and to take a look click here  products to find out the deal for this month...thanks for the support. Also to buy now tab go ahead I double dare you to.

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This is stretched... @matuptobat getting it in #decobmx #bmx #dirt #bubs

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Moment of ZEN $T2eC16FHJHwE9n8igtmYBQPGiOc3C!~~60_35 www.decobmx.com

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