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Went for a run today. Try to do this at least once a week if not more. No headphones, no music, just sunglasses and running shoes. This is how I clear my head but also push thinking. I can't text. No way of contacting me. No TV. Just a short time to be free. Like most days I will pass by people with about 50% wave or say somethings the other % just ignore with their heads down. Old man walking gave me the duck hand, or duck high 5, or quack hand. You follow me?...fingers up and like pac man...but as a gesture of "Hi" or good afternoon. Try it the next time someone waves at you. Or don't and live in your hole. HAHA. Read below. Instructions for each and everything you need in your life is below. Check it out and then stop staring at your computer or phone or both. Screw it...I am going to double duck hand someone today to see their reaction...just cha bitch. -Chad D DecoBMX DECEMBER 2016 Last one of the year. #superwhip at #tinnellmemorialsportspark earlier this week. Here's to another go round. ? #2016 #bmx #lakehavasu #arizona#decobmx #pusherbmx #profileracing#merkemgoods -@matuptobat Tsutomu on the GSHOCK tour @matt_coplon "...riding bikes as therapy, as habit to create consistency in a world of flux, as something we can actually have control over. Why do we do the things we do? It falls into a much deeper idea of what it means to be human..." It's been an honor over the past two years to work with these folks on this print project. Thanks to all the contributors and to @adi_gilbert and @f0lklore for dialing in the cover artwork. Let Me Tell You About The Time... 217 page soft cover: 17 Creative Non-fiction collected stories inspired by Bicycle Motocross. Books In my hands from the printer any day now. Please contact me if you're interested in snagging a copy: Caution use ramp at own risk. #floridawinter #profileracing#decobmx #vansbmx #5 #camp -@chaddegroot My signature Deco Mustache bars will be dropping soon so keep your eyes peeled! ? So grateful for this opportunity thanks @chaddegroot & @decobmx ?? Here are the specs: 4 degrees upsweep 10 degrees backsweep Rise: 9?, 9.5?, 10? 30? wide with cut lines every half inch to 27? Full Chromoly Post Weld Full Heat Treated Colors: Black and Brushed Silver Laser Etched Deco. Logo on Cross Bar #bmx #decobmx #taylorknowsdeco#mustachebarscomingsoon -@tbonds69

SEE YOU 2016!! Thank you for my sponsor? -Takuyahiga

Sneak peek at the 2107 JACKPOT with new Brushed Silver color and hour glass head tube. InstaVids for this week:

To the New Years ? @tbonds69 ?: @jimmy_jams68

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On ? for the new year @terryadamsbmx #decobmx

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  Upcoming events: img_6082 More info follow @flbxm and

1/14 OSP 2/4 Sarasota 3/4 Jupiter April 15 Oviedo/FINALS

Florida Gold!
An FL-BMX video contest hosted by Profile Racing
Starts today, December 1st, ends March 19th.
The basic concept:
--Edit must include at least 3 riders, but cannot exceed 5.
--Can be filmed with anything (even phones)
--Video length: 2 to 2-1/2 minutes long.
--Can be any type of riding as long as its in Florida (Street, Park, Dirt and Flat)
--Judged by Profile's Dillon Leeper Jeff Klugiewicz Jake Seeley Grant Castelluzzo and Jared Eberwein
Hand made Profile Racing trophies awarded in Bronze (3rd), Silver (2nd), and Gold (1st).
Winners announced at the after party of the last stop of the FLBMX series in Oviedo on April 1st.
For much more detailed info, please go to or
Most importantly, have Fun!
Product of the week: AXLE NUTS OR “LUG NUTS” It’s so nice to keep your wheels on your bike and your ACTION BARS or WuPEGS held tight. Like that song Sir Elton John sings about the BOSS “Hold me close I’m Tony Danza”.  Be the boss or at least trust that your wheels and pegs won’t fall off  and know there is a new Tony Danza in town. COLORS: BLACK SIZES: 10mm and 14mm SOLD AS A PAIR 17mm SOCKET COMPATIBLE WEIGHT: .6 oz.  PAIR MSRP $9.99 Deco axle nutsaxle-nuts-10-u-14mm-240x127 buy now tab Flashback video: Moment of ZEN:

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