ESPN Gallery, Backyard pool session

Keith Terra was in town a few weeks ago doing a session at Casselberry trails and thought while he was here he would stop by my backyard and do a gallery. "Having my pool drained almost every year since 2001 has brought many different riders for a Florida winter session. It's a waste to keep it running in the winter cause the water seems to stay pretty cold and cloudy cause all the leaves are constantly dropping. So with that and we live on top if a hill, so the water table won't send the whole pool out of the ground. So we can leave it empty for most of the winter and get in some sessions. Every year once it's drained and dry it seems like the pool tranny is impossible. But then after a bit, new lines and tricks are still happening. This year we painted it and added the launch ramp from the Bargespin trip. It all flows well and those Sunday sessions are getting better than ever. I would have never guessed the warlock gun shooting maniac Jason Levy would grace our session and throw down some moves and leave everyone laughing while he talks about his dreams, ideas, and way of life. More sessions to come..." Anyway, click HERE and check out the pics and what goes on in my backyard paradise. Also, Profile Racing did a little news thing on it as well with a Warlock pic, you ask who that HERE and find out.

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