ESPN interview with Chad DeGroot, talks about everything from Versa to kids

Brian Tunney works at ESPN now. We have been friends and flatland associates for a long time. He actually, if I can remember clear, saved my head from getting run over by a car. It was an XGames after party. Free Yager and nothing to do after the comp. Fell off my bike and almost into traffic. Only broke a few things that night, glad it wasn't my head. Thanks again Brian, for some reason whenever I think of you that come up.  Anyway, CLICK here and find out about some pretty interesting topics you might not know. Brian has always been good at interviewing and getting some good quotes, thanks Brian. Also here some videos... Street with Chad DeGroot, profile edit from chad degroot on Vimeo. OR IF YOUR SICK OF THESE, HERE IS A SHIT TON OF VIDEOS INCLUDING SOME FUNNY ASS COMMERCIALS CLICK HERE FOR LARGER VIEWING

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