Extreme Thing, Chad DeGroot Loreal, Review on Leather seat, Deco. hand tattoo, and trails

The Extreme Thing just went down in Las Vegas, due to the wind they only counted the last jump so it was a free for all. Mat Olson did so many tricks I had to watch it 3 times to really get it. And huge congrats goes to Dustin Grice for taking the win...hell ya. CLICK HERE cause we can't embed it, sorry.
Ricardo Laguna was holding his annual Extreme Thing contest in Las Vegas. This year didn’t quite go to plan since the wind decided to pick up pretty heavily before the contest started, so they changed up the plan and threw down a best trick over the last jump. Check out all of the bangers that were thrown by Big Daddy, Dustin Grice, Ryan Guettler, Brandon Dosch, James Foster, Jai Toohey, Joey Cordova, Matt Cordova, Victor Salazar, Dustin McCarty, Austin Winters, Lance Mosley, Mat Olson, Nikoli Rogatkin and Colton Satterfield in this new video. Dustin Grice came up with the win which is awesome since he’s an all around good dude and has a huge bag of tricks. Stoked to see that for sure. Filmed and edited by Dylan Pfohl Song: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Immigrant Song
Chad DeGroot and Loreal Commercial? You serious? http://profileracing.com/news_full.php?id=1464 This is a painting, holy shit I want one of these...above my bed of course. Mat Olson just received the Deco. real leather seat and he had this to say:
I just got the new leather saddle, what can I say... This thing is grippy as hell. Perfect for committing a proper suicide. The seat seams really tough. You ever ridden a bull? Well everyone knows you have to have a dialed  saddle to stay on the full 8 seconds. Put this deco leather saddle on and you and your wranglers will be on the way to a full ride.
This was sent to us from Japan...keep sending Deco. sightings or anything Deco. related, specially tattoos. Anthens Twilight Jam is coming up real soon. This isn't one to miss. Make Plans. Deco. and Pusher have been given the chance to promote in tattoo form. The thing I though of is when your yanking it you either will see Deco. or Pusher depending on your reach. Or both if your down with the two hander. Tattoos on hands rule. Thanks Nick. The City of Jacksonville has given a plot of land to build trails. So to celebrate they are inviting everyone to check them out and hold a bash. Lets do this shit Florida style... Check Mat Olson in action doing shows with some hairball and fruit boots, pretty wild shit...give it a look HERE.

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