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While riding today I decide to tripod film a link that I found out a smoother way to get into. This car rolls up, then rolls up closer. Dude gets out...seen him before and wants to chit chat but I am so close to pulling this. Few words exchanged and I know he is filming me which is fine. But I need this trick and my camera is rolling. He walks in front of my camera as I am getting into my link so I stop and tell him to scoot over a bit as I am filming. He says I know your filming I saw the camera. I did the stop for a blank stare look at him then continued and pulled it right after. Not sure if this dude helped or hunted what I was trying to do but it worked out. Best reference is a deer in the headlights. Dude bro you a deer and am headlights... anyways. This week I usually say is good or insane or the best...so this week I am going to say all of that plus infinity. Some weeks are slow but this one is on a roll...scroll down and be a deer and check it all out. Thanks. -Chad D

7th Street Bridge King Mat Olson Revisited

January 28, 2016

Professional BMX stuntman Mat Olson reflects on his famous ride over the rails of the seventh street bridge.

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/article57150968.html#storylink=cpy
  Check out this spot with @tomvillarreal getting high up on that perforated wall Gemming and jibbing ???? @smokedsignals #decobmx #DECOrations #Bmx Tom V wall perforated

@lee_musselwhite just signed with Kawasaki so big things are happening to start 2016 #decobmx #Bmx #flatland#deco #DECOrations

Lee Musselwhite 0047_1
@profile_racingAs TM of #profileracing , I have the honor of cruising around the US with our riders, who happen to be some of my closest friends. @chaddegroot is a case in point. We/I want to thank him for years of support. We shot this in Baton Rouge last month at sunset. Wild move at the end of a wild trip. -- @matt_coplon @profile_racing#profileracing #bmx #profileZcoaster #torquebmx #flatland
IMG_1768   Chad Degroot 's ?#?profileridersblock? When I got invited to be a judge for the Chicago Dew tour my dude Karl Poynter hit me up and I decided to fly in early and drive to Indy to ride some parks and chill. We came up with the idea to generate followers and do a giveaway since Deco Bmx on Insta was so close to 10k. To say people all around Indiana are spoiled is an understatement. We rode some of the funnest parks and met so many cool people and riders and we made it to 10k. Here, this park has a tight feature in the middle. Somehow I was drawn to this. So a fakie as high up as I could and without flipping backwards caught by karl poynter -Chad D.   11118835_10153197190431394_9107245721425905845_o   Thanks to @jaredLchristopher and the Fort worth Star Telegram for the follow up and the pictures. I hope Bmx can get a little help from the city in terms of having a safe and up to date park to ride soon. Tag @mayorbetsyprice in all your ?#?bmx? ?#?txbmx? photos all around @ftworthtexas. There are plenty of unused lots and areas around this beautiful city. The action sports community needs a place to ride, skate,scooter, inline, etc. generations change and adapt to society, so should our city! ?#?bikefriendlycity??#?cyclefriendly? #bmx ?#?bikes? ?#?bicycles? ?#?skate? ?#?scoot? ?#?inline? ?#?flatland? ?#?sports??#?health? ?#?fitness? ?#?texas? ?#?fortworth? Mat Olson bridge chill pic

Sixo Compound: Episode 1 - Walkthrough

Posted by Mat Olson on Wednesday, January 27, 2016
DecoBMX riders including TA, Scott Obrien, and Chad DeGroot ride for TorqueBMX. Help them get to 10k on Instagram and win 1 of 3 prize packs. Follow @torquebmx, repost the image, tag 3 friends and use the hashtag #Torque10k and remember to #growBMX #decobmx @chaddegroot @scottobmx @terryadamsbmx   Chad D torque prize packs Scott O torque prize packs TA torque prize packs   Check out Chad's warm up on Tuesday which was live. 15minutes of riding, what he does, and a morning session answering your questions...check it out.

Tuesday warm up

Posted by Chad DeGroot on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Monthly SPACEARK January - Tang-Meng -

Monthly SPACEARK January - Tang-Meng - from FuckFlatlandEntertainment.TMBS on Vimeo.
A few months back, our friend and photographer Nick Nogueira hit us up about a trip that he was taking to meet up with his brother and flatland rider, Mannie Nogueira, who had been spending the past few months riding BMX during live shows on a cruise ship. Nick asked if we would be interested in checking out the final results once he got back, and of course we couldn’t turn that down! We hadn’t heard anything, then today Nick hit us up with some words and a bunch of photos from the trip where he got a front row seat into just what Mannie had been up to lately. We’ve seen BMX pop up in some interesting places and we’ve seen BMX lead riders to places all around the world doing what they’re good at. This is definitely one of those interesting places and stories to say the least, and it left us a little bit jealous! Take a look and see just why! @mannienogueira #decobmx #flatland #bmx #decoboatlife
http://bmxunion.com/blog/life-on-a-boat-with-mannie-and-nick-nogueira/#more-109703 mannie-nogueira-cruise-ship-bmx-show-2 Upcoming events:   IMG_2179 TBLDFJ16_teaser   March 26th Candyland Skatepark Flatland contest Longwood, Florida with PRO purse. 12562638_10153731505820049_1933578878_o Sponsorship package B Sponsorship package B (dragged) Sponsorship package B (dragged) 1 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 2 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 3 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 4 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 5   Looking for a  DecoBMX Products? click on the tab nav_dealers  to find out...and thanks to the new dealers that just popped up and joined our crew. Want to become a dealer? contact chad@decobmx.com and to take a look click here  products to find out the deal for this month...thanks for the support. Also to buy now tab go ahead I double dare you to.

InstaVids for this week:

Moment of ZEN what-s-your-favorite-burt-reynolds-movie-399222 www.decobmx.com

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