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Could not turn right when the DO NOT TURN arrow was lit. Dude behind me was furious so once the light turned he cut me off and into the median a bit so I stunt car'd it and cut in front of him as he hesitated on the left and I was hoping he would hit the oncoming car. No luck so he sped past me and locked up his tires...damn man I have groceries in the car. I unbuckled and was ready but first had to put in a quick ponytail. To easy to pull my hair so it had to be out of the way so that option was not there...I started to get out of my car in the middle of the road...then he took off. Since he lived a block away (which I did not know) I followed him. He parked and got out and I turned around for a quick get away. Just wanted to see this road rage dick. Soon as I got out I told him he was an old f*ck and go take his meds...a middle finger got extended so I told him his has a wrinkly old finger. I told him to have a heart attack and die kid. Then I told him I am going to take my kids and go...and I had an infant in the car and he lost it. He proceeded to call me a "white n***er"...I made him repeat it several times.  Side note: I do not have kids in the car nor do I have an infant but if you think quick...and its not hard to mess up an old mans head...spit some wild shit out and he froze up. Here is a pic of the dickwad...if you want his address please ask...and know when he least expects it he will get his. Ohh and by the way I left real slow so he could get a pic of my license plate and sweet MR. B's sticker. I have nothing to hide... Just a little rant for this week...enjoy and say something weird to someone, specially when road rage kicks in and it could get you out of it with your infant in the back (AKA beer) unshaken and not stirred up. HOLLA. -Chad D Elderly Road Rager IMG_2375   WuPegs back in stock Black only and 10mm axle size available HERE. $26.99 each. WuPeg-single-with-logo WuPegs-with-logo

DecoBMX February 2016

  Have decided to donate 100% to #fixcandyland all of your purchases Saturday 5th- Monday the 7th. Please SHARE this, help with a dollar, and know we are close to the goal. You can donate here https://www.gofundme.com/6tbsy6w4 OR buy anything from our online store http://decobmx.bigcartel.com and we will put 100% into the gofundme to fix our local park. You can also stop into MR. B's and drop off cash or credit and it will go into the fund. Just over $1800 so far with the goal being $2500. Any questions hit me up chad@mrbikesnboards.com call 407-790-4964 Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 9.30.06 AM  

Lee Musselwhite - Caen indoor qualifying run

Dream Driveway Posted by Chad DeGroot on Saturday, February 27, 2016
  Taylor Bonds euro table Taylor Bonds Tdown   Dontae at a famous spot in Miami with a quick session this past weekend @dontaeislife pic by @jonajahchan IMG_0116

Alejandro Marques Cuenta Kilometros-ft. Speedometer

  School shows today to take em off testing and let them relax and see @markmulville jump over @theweavbmx and myself for ?#?bmxtrickstars?@bmxtrickstars ?#?decobmx? ?#?torquebmx? @profile_racing @torquebmx ?#?bmx??#?field goal? Also doing dubs

theweavbmx@chaddegroot and I having a go at some synchronized flatland. We have been doing shows together for years now and our doubles section is always my favorite part of the show and never gets old.

IMG_2386 IMG_2403 12512448_10206011899998206_734777043044137288_n   Here is the link to our GOFUNDME project we are still working on and getting so close...take a look here https://www.gofundme.com/6tbsy6w4?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=email&utm_content=cta_button&utm_campaign=upd_n   Curb cut hop just a few blocks from home with @karlqpoynter blasting. #decobmx #deco #bmx #bmxisfun #curbcut   Karl Curb hop   http://decobmx.bigcartel.com/product/t-shirts to order your NEW pocket tee. DecoPocketTeeAd   We now accept most major CC and along with PayPal on our store...go check it out and  thank you. Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 3.47.37 PM   Upcoming events: IMG_2179 TBLDFJ16_teaser Lil-Pros-Tour-Flyer-2016-WI AFA_ROUND-1_instaG AFA_ROUND-1_AFTERS_instaG IMG_2712 12633118_1643050309290083_2079019017_o 12562638_10153731505820049_1933578878_o Sponsorship package B Sponsorship package B (dragged) Sponsorship package B (dragged) 1 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 2 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 3 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 4 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 5   Looking for a  DecoBMX Products? click on the tab nav_dealers  to find out...and thanks to the new dealers that just popped up and joined our crew. Want to become a dealer? contact chad@decobmx.com and to take a look click here  products to find out the deal for this month...thanks for the support. Also to buy now tab go ahead I double dare you to.

InstaVids for this week:

Dropping tomorrow. @terryadamsbmx @lifeproof #decobmx #bmx #flatland #sunday A video posted by DecoBMX (@decobmx) on
  Moment of ZEN   Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.06.38 PM www.decobmx.com

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