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Flatark Japan. Coplon fakie fence ride. Chad DeGroot clips and webisode. Mat Olson fair shows riding vert. Thomas Noyer gallery. Tang Meng killing it. Saw a Homeless bikes print advert in Ride magazine in the early 90s of James shepherd doing a fakie 50/50 on a sign post. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. 20+ years later, I finally gave one a go. Pic care of @thomas_sanders #bmx #flbmx #decobmx @decobmx #profileracing @profile_racing #etniesbmx @etniesbmx #f0lklorebrand @f0lklore #tampa #choosetampa #florida #ilovetampa -MATT COPLON @matt_coplon Matt Coplon fence fakie front   Check out THOMAS NOYER doing a switch from a little while ago but his timeless style is here. Thomas Noyer BMX? @thomasnoyer #decobmx Decobmx? #bmx #flatland #decofrance Thomas Noyer jump BW   Check out Chad D's instagram for this quick link or scroll down to see it in the InstaVids section for this week...here are some pics to go along with it: "When I know shows are coming up I switch up part of my session to practice some show tricks which involve some spins or more flashy moves for the crowd. Next shows will be in undisclosed area of the Middle East in Southeast Asia with Bikes Over Baghdad. Follow me" -Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot @profile_racing @decobmx @torquebmx #flatland #bmx #decobmx #bmxisfun #profileZcoaster #growbmx Chad D lawn mower bw [caption id="attachment_15077" align="alignnone" width="400"]DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO[/caption] Flatark...more pics below and also check out the instavids posted down below. IMG_0532 Thomas Noyer in practice at Flatark all pics by Aaron Nardi. #decobmx Thomas Noyer BMX? @thomasnoyer #flatark #bmx @aaronnardi K27A0088 K27A0091 K27A0094 K27A0097 K27A0106 K27A0107 K27A0108 K27A0109 Robby Routley doing a hang nothing in an abandoned house...check him out and more pic here @routley925 @shoot2killbmx #decobmx Robert Routley hang nothing abandoned house   Tang Meng from Flatark photo by @yuki_ishima2 Tang Meng by @yuki_ishima2   MAT OLSON mid flair during his run of shows @matuptobat Mat Olson flair fair shows

Chad DeGroot 2 links and webisode Japan Flatark

Chad DeGroot attended Flatark but he could not leave without a few links at the famous Merikem park. One of the best spots in the world. Chad's snapchat he filled this video with his story, so be ready for some wild nights and restless trip and journey all captured. Enjoy. #flatark is in the books and congrats to all the riders and specially @uchinoyohei for making @flatark_official one if the best for #flatland #bmx #decobmx

Came up on a pair of Genius 4pc bars USA made...this is the last pair and they are done...9" rise and more info here...get them while they last http://decobmx.com/2009/06/4-piece-genius-bars/ 

Genius-Bars-Raw-Clear-1-564x300 Upcoming events: crack dad nov 1   Your instaVids for this week:
Moment of ZEN 1896861_1082305625115160_1600394087572396732_n www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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