Flatland Fuel, Kona, Taylor Bonds, Kelsy Hoog, Mat Olson, Chad DeGroot, Mat Hoffman @ Universal, and One Love

There is a lot going on in December, xmas is closing in fast. Are you ready? If not, get at Flatland Fuel for their give away. Otherwise find Deco. goods at finer shops everywhere. Can't find one? Hit us up. Check out Decade BMX shop in Tokyo doing it big with G-sport watches. Great two videos. Kona skatepark is the longest running skatepark in the US. Great jam just went down there and video is coming soon. Taylor Bonds checks in with a tire slide at Louisville skatepark. Tokyo is doing Deco's Kitchen...yum yum. Kelsy Hoog gets a full page in Ride US mag. Mat Olson gets the home page banner image with a wallride over the wall. Chad has new eyes. Mat Hoffman let us build his Agro Circus at Universal Studios. Lastly, One Love Jam is coming up. Check it all out and hit up our other options on the site, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter (goes live on our page, so say something funny), flikr, and more...now you know. -Chad DeGroot Patrick at Flatlandfuel.com had this to say:
Every year we do a big giveaway contest as a way to spread cheer and say thanks to our customers. Many of our suppliers generously hook us up with a bunch of free parts to give too you at no charge. How does it work? Every order placed from Thanksgiving until January 1st gets you entered into the giveaway. It is that simple. Multiple orders will receive multiple entries as well! We will group the prizes into various prize packs and give them away right after New Years. Thank you to all of our sponsors: Odyssey/Flatware, DK Bicycles, Matt Wilhelm, Primo, S&M, Profile, Quamen, Deco, Zodiac Engineering, Animal, Suelo/QBP, Thomson and Hoffman Bikes. More sponsors and prizes will be added throughout December. Here is what we have to give away so far: DK: Opsis Complete Bike, Grips, Random Wrenches Hoffman Bikes: 2012 Hoffman Strowler Frame, Sprockets, Barends, Clothing Primo: Hollobite Cranks, Grips, headsets, Comet tires, Seatposts, Stricker Pedals Animal: DVDs, Hats, Clothing Deco: Succubus Frame S&M: Intrikat Handlebar, Redneck Flatland Stem, Quamen: Barkleys Handlebar, High Neck Stem, Clothing Odyssey/Flatware: Waltz Frame, Bayou Bars, Flatware Stems, Cufflinks Grips Suelo/QBP (Quality Bicycle Products): Grips, Stems, Tires, Pegs Thomson: Seatposts and Stems Matt Wilhelm:  Ground Rules DVDs Zodiac Engineering: Socket Drive Sprockets and Integrated Dust Covers Remember, the contest does not end at Christmas. It ends at midnight New Years Day. So you can still get entered after Christmas. Prizes are not exchangeable and are subject to change. If you do not want or need what you win please give it away to someone else. Spread the good will. Remember if you live outside the United States that taxes and duty are the responsibility of the winners. We will pay the shipping. Good luck!
Check out the G-Shock goodness that is going down in Japan, two insane videos featuring flat. I do see some ramps in the background and a sweet rail. Pretty sure they are running shit in Japan, thanks guys. Even if these events just passed, still check out some of the better skateparks here in Florida. Specially Kona, dang, that is all I have to say. If Van Homan can tailwhip the snake run, you should go there and see how insane it is. Here is a picture from a few weeks back that Nick took for me at Louisville Skatepark, its nothing crazy just a tire slider haha Winter is now in full effect out here in CO which sucks! -Taylor Bonds Hiroshi from Japan sent us this one, so good. Makes me hungry. Congrats to Kelsy Hoog for his full pager in Ride mag. Sweet nac nac with style. Your going to be seeing a lot more of this kid. December Banner image on the home page goes to Mat Olson. Winner of the Kona stop on the Florida bmx series...congrats big dawg...video coming soon. New eyes. Click on each pic below to blow up. We set up for four days at Universal Orlando for Mat's Agro Circus coming for Xmas and then over 60 days this summer. Check it out. Each day we were greeted by random characters and even spider man. Video coming soon of an interview with Mat Hoffman on the whole Agro show...sit tight. One Love jam coming soon. Check them out if your in the cali area...

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