Flatmatters and DUI discounts

Longtime Flatlander Efraim Catlow from England does a blog called Flatmatters and hit me up to do a wild little interview. He specified short answers, which is really hard for me. Nothing should be short, just midgets (be sure to check the pic below). But, I did  my best with his questions. I could have gone on a rant on more than a few of the answers, but you get the point. So here are "Last times with Chad DeGroot". Efraim gave this intro:
So I was thinking, who do I kick the 2011's "last times" off with? Someone everyone might expect, or maybe someone people respect but for the most part don't see very often, then Chad Degroot's "Ring the gack" part went online that very day, and there was my answer, I didn't even question it. The man is a legend, has probably done more flatland tricks than many of us ever will.And more importantly has a great time on his bike. Nowadays he's very busy running his bike company, Deco, he's just finished for Baco 11, and is enjoying married life.
CLICK HERE TO READ AND SEE SOME PICS ON THE FLATMATTERS SITE This flyer has nothing to do with Flatmatters or myself, but its funny as hell and we are going to post it up in my shop MR. B's and see what goes down. It was posted on Facebook and the response is amazing. Everyone has a friend or someone who really needs a bike cause they were to sassssed up and got a DUI. If you bring in a midget and a DUI card we might give 50% off. That sound good? Might as well get caught.

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