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Do you always pick up a Q tip and use the opposite end? Is this how you choose? Double ended sword this week so either start from the bottom or just do it old school and scroll it down to see this week. FLBMX videos. Couple bike checks. Swamp Fest stray. And TA gives away his bike in Africa...last few day of May. May it end? May it be over? May I keep you reading? Have a good one and I hear this the other day "Smile with your heart" so give it a try. -Chad D

Dialing it in with Mat Olson (as seen on http://www.profileracing.com/dialing-it-in-with-mat-olson/)

Mat Olson
29 years young
Born in Lake Havasu City, AZ
My favorite spot to ride is at any set of trails. There just isn’t another feeling like it out there. Although I’m not opposed to checking out a double kink rail or searching out every drainage ditch in town. Bikes are fun no matter what your riding.
Deco ST Frame
Deco FuForks 28mm
Profile Mini Front Hub in Camo
Profile Mini Rear Hub 14mm 9t Chromo
Profile Column 175mm
Profile Galaxy Matte Army Green 28t
Deco Mustache Bars
Deco Fat Camo Seat
Deco Headset
Profile 22mm Mid BB Kit
Some SwampFest #florideahswampfest pics by @Wheellifecafe
AND Chad D by @joshmcelweephoto on that old Mesh Skatepark wood.

Dialing it in with Dontae Styles

Here’s a new build from Dontae Styles.
Orlando up and comer, supported by Mr. Bike and Board and Profile Racing.
Thanks to Both Dontae and Mr. for the support!
Name : Dontae styles
Age: 17
From: Brooklyn NY
Favorite  Spots – flat ledges / stair sets
Bars – deco mustache 9.5 28 wide
Forks – deco fu
Frame- deco lifted 21 inch
Pedals – deco
Seat -deco
Post deco
Tires- odyssey tom dugan sigs
Sprocket – animal sprocky balboa
Cranks – profile gdh
Stem – profile push stem 48mm
Hubs – profile mini front and back
Grips – deco logo grips

Welcome to the jungle. Swampy sessions in the flat state. MC portrait care of @chrisdeansphotography

Ended my stay in #DJibouti #Africa tonight by giving away my bike to this guy. He was wearing a kids Batman shirt the day before. He told me it was his favorite shirt because his son had given it to him and it was to remind him how much his son loves him while he's overseas. I thought it was be awesome for his son to have my bike as his first BMX. Very humbling to know that our troops are over here to keep our country safe. Thanks to #BikesOverBaghdad for another amazing opportunity. To be apart of this tour was yet again one of the best trips of my life. Thanks to all the Men and Women serving for our country. -Terry Adams @terryadamsbmx InstaVIDS for this week:

It's good. @tbonds69 couple quick hits #decobmx #bmx

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