Saturday, April 23rd, FLBMX is hosting a bmx, skatepark SCAVENGER HUNT in Tampa.

Come celebrate the start of the 2022 @flbmx series (starting in September).
4 skateparks on the itinerary ending with team events.
Registration starts at 9am at Desoto skatepark, scavenger hunt from 10am to 3pm, followed immediately by team events and awards.

Materials needed: cell phone (for filming/photos), pen, plenty of water, transportation between skateparks (desoto, bro bowl, SPoT, carrollwood park), your bike.
Teams of three (you will choose and name your own team).
Free pizza!
Awards include 10 free entries to the 2022 FLBMX series.
Sponsors: @blacklist_bike_shop @mrbikesnboards @scgshoes @decobmx  @spottampa @profile_racing

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