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St. Patricks day is today if you don't know already. St Patrick's Day custom of "drowning the shamrock"  was very popular, especially in Ireland. At the end of the celebrations, a shamrock is put into the bottom of a cup, which is then filled with whiskey, beer, or cider. It is then drunk as a toast to St Patrick, Ireland, or those present. The shamrock would either be swallowed with the drink or taken out and tossed over the shoulder for good luck. Do something green, celebrate, and enjoy your weekend. Scroll down and enjoy another great week has come to the beginning of the weekend. Bangkok with Tim Knoll, Florida Swamp fest is heating up, Coplon and crew in pools, Puerto Rico, Shanghai with Tsutomu and Gshock, and a wedding crew. Holla...and fart...-Chad D Scott Weaver and myself built a 16x16' platform for some flizzzzzatland at #florideahswampfest next Saturday or March 25th. Flyer is below. Camping is recommended. Bring $5 or donations for Scotty Cranmer and support Florida BMX. Mrbikesnboards Bikesnboards is open normal hours and that Saturday till 2pm only. 407-790-4964 Taylor Bonds, Mat Olson, Dontae Styles, Chad DeGroot, Scott Weaver, Mike Andrews, and Matt Coplon will be in attendance... @matt_coplon pocket in So-Cal behind the medium format lens of #gervaisrousseau #bmx #decobmx @decobmx #pools#poolparty Dave Freimuth #tbw to a month ago in Quebradillas when Rooftop kindly set down his bike a minute and picked up his second favorite tool (GoPro) and shot an elusive shot of me getting locked in at my favorite skatepark in the world. Who thinks we need to throw a Baco-A-Go-Go here?!! Tsutomu Shanghai event Day1 Chad DeGroot "Here is a pic I got in my garage recently. Installed all new lighting, working on texture on the ceiling, and then full paint job. But also going to put a metal quarter in for speed and backwards tricks...been working on my garage clocking some hours. And next will be an AC unit for summers to have a dry and less humid lil spot to jib around."

Pretty bad ass wedding and congrats @bkachinsky @raquellaellaella all the best for you two ?#briraq

InstaVids for this week:
Featured product:
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 April 15 Oviedo/FINALS

Florida Gold!
An FL-BMX video contest hosted by Profile Racing
Starts today, December 1st, ends March 19th.
The basic concept:
–Edit must include at least 3 riders, but cannot exceed 5.
–Can be filmed with anything (even phones)
–Video length: 2 to 2-1/2 minutes long.
–Can be any type of riding as long as its in Florida (Street, Park, Dirt and Flat)
–Judged by Profile’s Dillon Leeper Jeff Klugiewicz Jake Seeley Grant Castelluzzo and Jared Eberwein
Hand made Profile Racing trophies awarded in Bronze (3rd), Silver (2nd), and Gold (1st).
Winners announced at the after party of the last stop of the FLBMX series in Oviedo on April 1st.
For much more detailed info, please go to www.fl-bmx.com or www.profileracing.com
Most importantly, have Fun!
Moment of ZEN:

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