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May cause dizziness, fainting, diarrhea, blindness, spotting, seizures, thoughts of suicide, death, stroke, anal leaking, high fever, confusion, coma, weight gain, low white blood cells, trouble swallowing, impaired motor skills, sores, drying, straining, staining, bone fractures, persistent diarrhea, enhanced suicidal thoughts, bed sores, increased ache, vaginal mash, tears in intestines, severe liver problems, cancer, tuberculosis, increased urge to gamble, unusual dreams. START-Jeff K and Chad D dubs, video coming soon from Milwaukee the home of beer. Mat Olson at the Texas state fair added a new ramp, check the vid. Tom Villarreal day in the life. The TA frame is in Japan and will be in the USA next week, so get your orders in before they are gone...Succubus lites will be in the USA as well. The Come up winners win, LIFTED frame was sent out yesterday to projectPAT. Coplon on more spots than I can count. Chad D on the flatland tip. Ton's of Tom pics doing wild ass shit...there you go. Take prescription drugs but first listen and read the side affects. Have a great weekend and don't use your weak end. -Chad D Find out what the hell is going on here real soon. Jeff K and Chad D doing dubs at Four Seasons in Milwaukee for Profile Racing. Chad n Jeff dubs on rail 4 seasons This is the new show ramp, Mat Olson going ham on this piece, kill it and grill it and go upside downside and inside and outside. Mat Olson flip city Here is the video of the side flip:

Madera BMX - Tom Villarreal - Day in the Life 2013

Madera BMX - Tom Villarreal - Day in the Life 2013 from Madera BMX on Vimeo. For more Ride and Seek bonus footage visit All Episodes: The Ride and Seek crew takes over the Sunshine State as they hit up Tampa for a session at SPoT (Skatepark of Tampa), one of the best around. The boys also head out to Orlando and meet up with legend CHAD DEGROOT  for some street riding at the banks. Then, it's off to explore Miami where they tackle the coolest water ledge and street euro gap. The TA or Terry Adams frame is out now in Japan available through Decade and will be in the USA next week. More specs and pics CLICK HERE. HIROSHI HOLDING TA FRAMETA-Promo-for-frame A few weeks ago we got the opportunity to host the Tom Villreal x Deco x Madera x Br4ss and Crooks contest! Well the winners are now in! First place, and Deco “Lifted” frame winner is @pr0jectpatrick Second place, and Madera Parts Kit winner is @kalebbolton Third place, and Br4ss and Crooks package winner is @dillonwashere Thanks to all of you guys that submitted photos, and to all of the people that didn’t submit anything then make sure to keep checking back for your next opportunity to win free stuff by simply submitting photos you’re going to upload to instagram anyways! Special thanks to all of the brands, and Tom V. for making this happen! Follow them all: @decobmx09 @maderabmx @crooksncastles @BR4SSintl and us if you already don’t! ;) @thecomeupbmx FreshLikeTomWinners-640x492 Love it. pics by @l0ngl3 Tom Villarreal keeping it on the real deal. tom manny Love it. @l0ngl3 Coplon on the move again, this time at a DIY sweet spot and a rail hop to call it a weekend. #mattknowsdeco Coplon Barrier Gap Coplon Haunted House Hop Coplon Smith Barrier Chad D on the back end of that bitch swinging the ape arms to make the pic just right and just tight enough...flizzzzzzatland man. And doing it for Orlando local brand Duvin @duvin instagram or duvinheader2 Chad coasterChad Duvin tee n hat lambeau field GB This is awhile away but you can plan this and don't forget the SPOT Roast in Tampa on the 14th of December. Now you got two dope ass events in December to hit up and plan out. Atmosphere bikes Dec 15th Tom is on it, with this pic by @l0ngl3, getting this done. Nose wheelie and an amazing spot. TV NOSE STYLE BY @l0ngl3 And this proper ice...Tom damn Tom. Pic by @l0ngl3 TV ICE BY @l0ngl3 Coplon just sent over these and said use them if you like them, well I do and here you go. Rad set up here trailer to gap to guard rail tuck and barspin. COPLON TUCK FROM TRAILER COPLON BARS FROM TRAILER Spreading the wings in St Pete Beach Chad DeGroot with some flizzzaatland in an amazing spot. Pic by Matt Coplon for profile racing. CHAD IN ST PETE NO HANDS Legend right here @shoeg if you haven't seen props road fools 3 get on it and get on a real USA leather seat from #decobmx now available in Japan through Decade and 430 #decoshocka #bmx "like a finger pointing to the moon" SHOE G Moment of Zen Chad cat lift

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