FuForks, France, n Vids

This week no story or rant. Just some FuForks care of Matt Coplon. France 5th with Lee. And some InstaVids for this week...medley for sure. #decobmx @decobmx and Tag us so we can see what is good in your hood. Holla n stay nice...all weekend. -Chad D "Back in 2009, Deco came out with the FuFork. Right about that time, I was in need of some forks BUT being a creature of habit, I hated to have to change from the standard 33mm rake for that time.
You'd think 5mm wouldn't do much. In frame geometry it can be an issue, but in fork geometry it's a major change.
Considering I wanted to support Degroot, I took the step and snagged a pair.
The advantages came to fruition almost instantly: Tighter roll-outs, nose-wheelies were much easier (of course, 28mm is closer to the standard flat rake of 15mm), and I could get my nose picks much steeper.
But, most importantly, considering I can only bump jump using my front end, I found out that the FuForks are like a secret weapon for extra pop.
On their third version, this is the one component on my current rig that I could never consider changing.
Thanks to Chad and Deco for the support!" -Matt Coplon
InstaVids for this week:

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