funny vid, halloween is coming up, and Powell/Wilbur

Click HERE to see a pretty funny video about how chicks treat men. This doctor will help this situation. Halloween is coming up, so get your costume ready. I think I found mine. old-woman-large-2 Was just in Joplin for JOMO pro and who did I run into? Wilbur. If  you know him you don't want to know him. If you don't know him, don't know him. He did claim to be a millionaire so I took him up on the offer to pay for all my drinks. He did pretty well till the shot lady came by and we cleared her out and pointed at Wilbur. Guess he couldn't make the payment cause the bar grabbed him. I do have a funny story about him. He use to ride Mission skatepark, get drunk and naked and pop out of the dumpster scaring kids. We had to yell at him a few times about that one. Well, this one night I knew he was the last to leave, I locked up and walked out from to see him riding his bike around the corner (10 mile bike ride home every night). It started to rain a little bit. So when I left, I turned the corner and saw a bike, a backpack, and a body in the middle of the road. FFFFFUck. It was Wilbur, and its raining. I would  love to leave him, but I have a little bit of a conscious and decided to drag him and push him under a car. You  know, so he wouldn't get wet. I put his bike on top of him and back pack near his head and took off. A few days later I found out he was in jail from that night. Guess he woke up, broke into that car and was sleeping. The cops came by and arrested him for being drunk and breaking in. Pretty sure Wilbur he is full of shit, not half full...full full. Lesson learned, Don't get drunk and do manuals while its raining. Or else you will loop out and get knocked out. deco 4 (1)

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