Furry people, last Halloween, and a voicemail

Halloween is coming up, Baco's last try at Mesh SP will happen next week. Just some BMX and fools in costumes, so come on out for a good time. People have been sending a bunch of pics and links, will get to them asap, but for now...check out furry people, Deco helping out the Jones family, some nudes, and CDC voicemail. Holla bitches fake nudists Another reminder of the last Baco at Mesh...get there or you will miss out on everything in life...might have to kill yourself if you don't come. Slurpy machine might even have vodka in it...woo, scary bacoanonoflyerbitchassmotherfuckingdudelyshitstainsmellboylesaregross Thanks to floating boobs...thank youfloaters not hangers You know her, you love her you know heryou love her CDC voicemail on the Deco. hotline from Chad DeGroot on Vimeo. Deco helps Daulton Jones who is a fellow rider who was recently paralyzed from the chest down. The local Charlotte BMX community stepped up to help support Daulton and his family by throwing a benefit jam at the Grayson Skatepark. His brother Phil had a bad crash at Mesh skatepark a few years ago that was on Scarred on MTV. Don't forget to check out DOF the Eastern video, Phil has some wild ass shit in there...Glad to help you guys out.

Daulton Jones Benefit BMX Jam - More BMX Videos

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