ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER POST ALL IN CAPS. OHH THOSE SCREAMING WORDS, SO MANY OF THEM TO READ. IS THIS SCHOOL, WHY DO I HAVE TO READ, ISN'T THERE A WAY OF CHEATING OR JUST NOT READING ANY OF THIS AND KNOWING WHAT IT ALL SAYS? MAYBE SOME DAY BUT NOT TODAY. G-Shock is killing it in Japan and here is a new edit of the tight stage and highlights with Tsutomu coming out on top. Snapbacks and tattoos, new Deco logo lids out now. Real leather, tougher than leather...seats in more than a few looks including CSI style. Road Fools box set on bluray. Tom seems to be on vacation, actually just chilling back in Florida for a bit. Succubus Lite frames available only in Japan. These are dope and real lite. Taylor Bonds is really good, check the pics. QBMX tag them to win a tee and more. Not the best trick winners? Voodoo, more pics from NOLA 2013. Mike Meister new video? Coplon and his spots, dang. Mat Olson pedal promo and what he does on his off time for shows. Lots of moments of ZEN this week. Watch your eyes on this one. Full Woodward sesh going down in a week so expect tons happening. Have a great weekend and be safe, communicate, and smile even if your faking it. Hell...try to fake laugh for as long as you can and see what happens. There you go, where is that Deco.... -Chad D
G-SHOCK BMX 2013 REAL TOUGHNESS OSAKA STAGE Tsutomu wins in Osaka G-SHOCK BMX 2013 REAL TOUGHNESS OSAKA STAGE from hiroshi430 on Vimeo. NEW SNAPBACKS READY TO SHIP RIGHT MEOW...HIT THIS Real leather seats in a variety of colors, stamps, and inked. Tokyo Japan will be seeing these real soon. Get up and dance. GET THEM HERE. GET UP ON TOP OF THIS, ROAD FOOLS BOX SET WITH OVER 35 HOURS OR FOOTAGE AND MORE...DANG. HISTORY...AND PICK IT UP RIGHT HERE   SUCCUBUS LITE IS NOW AVAILABLE IN JAPAN ONLY. GET UP AND DANCE. Taylor Bonds shredding the cement parks, pics by @derezzzzzed Tuck and a sweet ass barspin. #taylorknowsdeco Want a tee and/or stickers? Check out what QBMX is doing on their Facebook and instagram QBMX Not the Best Trick contest care of Deco BMX at Flatland Fracas...get there. Here is a few more pics of Tsutomu and TA from Voodoo Jam 2013, enjoy. TA got up real early excited about his new trick, he sent it over...here is a pic showing off his sweet ride. Chilling. Mike Meister carbondale table via profile racing site and Pusher mountain trip. Mat Olson hitting you with a PC pedal with 9 removable metal pins promo video while doing shows. Summer heat still blaring but Mat Olson still stunting. MIKE MEISTER IS ON IT AGAIN...CHECK THIS TEASER
Jeff Moeller Anton Zamora John Able Filmed by the Talented Anton Zamora and the not so talented Mike Meister.
TRV900 from Mike on Vimeo. MATT COPLON SICK ASS BRICK HIP WITH STYLE AND RAIL HOP #MATTKNOWSDECO Love that tee by #profileracing ranglan style bubs Here is a throwback pic I had to post on a Cali trip, that mustache on Chad is retarded good. Dang. TA at the worlds, stole this pic off his instagram page, don't tell anyone. And your moments of ZEN

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