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Two weeks do you believe this. Almost like I don't care. Ya right bubs...was on vacation so that makes this weeks post even bigger. Bigger is better right? Thats what she says. Sheit ya. On a roll is Tim Knoll, you can guess how this edit works so take a look. Skip down to the instavids to see WHOLE crew in ADD 15sec format. Was in Wisconsin so check my Green Bay edit. TA at the world circuit showing you his original goods. Matt Coplon busiest man in BMX? Johnny Filth 360 can can to...New backpacks are out now, single logo patches, and more. Check out the PRODUCTS page to see all the good stuff and more. Sit back and snack it up. Remember to send in all your Deco related news and I will try to get it up. Follow @decobmx #decobmx and Youtube channel DecoBMX09 Subscribe

GoPro: Freestyle BMX with Tim Knoll

Tim Knoll shreds the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on his BMX bike as he rides to pick up the skateboard he left at the skatepark. INSERT TIM NOLL VIDEO HERE

Terry Adams at Flatland Bmx Pro World Circuit 2015

Terry Adams at Flatland Bmx Pro World Circuit 2015. The vibe he brings to a contest is unique. One of the most popular and original flatrider ever. Sponsored by Red Bull.


Click below or HERE to read about what and how Matt Coplon ticks from hardcore/punk singer to the many duties at Profile Racing. matt_coplon_graphic_1
  Time to come clean... Sorry JJ, I know I've def said you're my favorite BMXer to photograph but I lied. frown emoticon Chaddo Degrooto is my number one. "Chad, can I take your picture?" Chad *sets down 3rd Wisco Disco* "yep" He makes my job easy, well, I wish it was my job anyway. smile emoticon 2nd is still podium JJ!  — with J.j. Flairty and Chad DeGroot. -Dave Freimuth Chad D wheelchair by Freimuth

Johnny Filth flatland DecoBMX

@matt_coplon "Went well out of my comfort zone on this one. Late night gap to manual way past my bed time." Photo care of @doleckivisuals #bmx #decobmx @decobmx #profileracing @profile_racing Coplon out of his comfort BACKPACKS CAMO RETRO STYLE
  • 600D polyester
  • Interior striped lining
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Media port
  • Interior pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • 17.75"h x 12.25w" x 5.25d"
  • 1,142 cubic inches
DECO CAMO BACKPACK 2 MSRP $36.99 OGIO Stocked with options, this impressive bag organizes gadgetry and belongings for quick access.| 420D dobby poly/600D poly Back panel side-entry padded laptop pocket Large center storage area Power cord and mouse storage Internal file sleeve Weatherproof fleece-lined digital media/audio pockets with headphone exit port Adjustable sternum strap Deluxe organization panel Laptop sleeve: 15.5'h x 11.5'w x 2'd; fits most 17' laptops Dimensions: 18'h x 13.5'w x 9'd Capacity: 2,187 Weight: 2.4 lbs./1.1kg Backpacks not intended for use by children 12 and under. DECO OGIO BACKPACK MSRP $79.99 DECO LOGO PATCHES SOLD SEPERATELY DECO LOGO PATCH MSRP $4.99 Check out TERRY ADAMS as drawn with big white eyes doing one of his signature tricks...holla. 11537928_729900213785968_653477104904472100_o Bring your own bike seriesMr-Longwood-Ditch-jam   Voodoo jam 2015 July 25th  

Man up to man down by the man TOM VILLARREAL @tomvillarreal by @vellbmx #decobmx

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"Being in Appleton Wisconsin for the revamped Telulah skatepark which I would call my local and go-to park since it was only 30 minutes away from Green Bay. They tore out the old and put in an updated park which you will see soon enough. But how could we just ride that park when good friend Dave Freimuth wanted our crew to session a private park he built in the outskirts for some friends. So.. with open arms we had a great session at one of Dave's creations for a skater who wants to ride with bikes. His mom, Brenda, welcomed all our kids to a swimming and a night on their turf. I would rather keep the rest private but we had a blast and before the sun went down @chrisrye got a few clips of me laying some tire marks on a gem of a private backyard. @chaddegroot @decobmx #decobmx #profilezcoaster #family" -Chad DeGroot A video posted by @decobmx on
Moment of ZEN 10997995_761698573946484_2812717547890419348_n www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2  

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