Good site for when your drunk and high

CLICK HERE, only at night when your drunk and high. The wife and me went on last night and couldn't stop laughing. Sucked that the first two strangers we saw were jacking off, but it did get way better after that. My cock even came out and then the party started. I did get the JESUS comment more than a few times which made me realize that my beard is out of hand and people either want to pray to me or burn me. One person actually asked to see my hands, to see if there was holes in them. That is where this joke comes in, "why can't jesus eat M+M's?" "Cause they fall through the holes in his hands" Get your ass on this site, get high, get stupid. Get some. Dress up. See ya soon. Let me know if you see me...I will be on there every night for sure...hell yes chatchat 2

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