Hackers got me

The other day my site was down, you know, the one  your reading right now. So I freaked out and didn't do anything. Cause I don't know what to do. So after looking at a few porn sites I realized I should check my emails. There it was. Someone hacked into my system and fucked shit up. So my host shut down my site. I called them and the guy put me on hold for over 10 minutes while he looked at my site. He came back on the phone and apologized for taking so long. He told me it was back up and to check it out. I did and everything seemed fine. He said "really?". So I asked what was the problem. He asked if I was sure that I wanted those pictures on my site, the nude ones. Yep yep I said. Then he went on for awhile about how they don't allow nudity and some of the photos I have posted and that they need to come down. We went back and forth for a bit. End result, he said that if I didn't take the pics down they were gonna pull my site down. I think that is pretty funny. Really funny since they thought someone hacked into my system and posted saggy tits and some sweet asses. Ohh ya, this is the pic they thought the hacker put on my site. old-woman-large-2

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