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In 1992 I graduate high school then went to a Tech college but decided to take a break and travel over and down to Arizona for a winter. Since I was fresh and fancy in pizza delivery and I had rent to pay and needed to eat more than ketchup packets and crackers. So I got a delivery job at Barro's pizza. Blow away how good the pizza was plus chicken wings. Could live off that plus some crystal pepsi 2 liters and be happy as a happy man. If you know anything about delivery in Arizona then you feel my pain about no GPS or cell phones (this kinda dates me correct?) but worst off that the streets have 3 name like ROAD, LANE, AVENUE, and even CIRCLE. Confusing once you pile all these factors plus only being in town for a month. Long story short I was on a delivery and could not find the house so I ate a slice of pizza cause it was the customers fault this happened. Of course it was. Then I slid the other slices as close together and pushed some cheese. Then found the house and got no complaints and a tip. Told my son this story and now he wants to deliver pizzas when he is old enough. I think everyone should. Long story even shorter...ran into a dude named Joshua Shipp at Interbike this year and he came up to me and said we worked together at Barro's and he has been there for 26 years now. Long story getting even shorter...he wrote a kids book and gave me a few, so at night when I read books to my kids and they read to me this book is in the rotation. Check below the MOMENT OF ZEN and see the cover. -Chad D
It happened. @dontaeislife on a Self Titled Street frame. So dialed #DecoBMX #bmx img_5616 Flip whip by @matuptobatGetting it done out in Cali with the crew doing some shows. screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-11-27-42-am @matuptobat with a one footed euro up and over the top of three volunteers at this years #kerncountyfairwith the @bmxprostrickteam This starts an 11 week vert/box show tour. Follow along with Mat and his travels doing shows all over the country. #Bmx screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-11-29-00-am   screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-8-19-06-pm All info, accommodations, schedule, and more info http://bacodesigns.com/2016-baco-a-go-go-jam/

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