History of Baco/Chad D

If you don't know, now you do. These are not my words, but they are pretty fucking kind regardless. Thanks to 23mag.com for the brief history lesson on BACO. What more do you need to learn, pick up all 10 of the Baco series and drop out of school. Baco is all you need to know. Click on the covers below to see full shots. Also, this site did the history of Chad DeGroot, the PG rated version. That's me!!! Not to bad, thanks 23mag.com Sorry this post is slacking in the R rated content, but Interbike is on my mind, and I had to throw some BMX in here sometimes. baco1 baco2 baco3 baco4 baco5 baco6 baco7 baco8 baco9 baco10 And BACO 11?

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