How to make a Ghetto Box, Chad Profile Ad, Tremaine edit, Flatland Fracas, Coplon is 35, touchdowns, and ZEN

This week I'm all pumped up on RB and PowerBars living the meatless dream packing honey whisky on top of swimming sessions to cool down in this brutal Florida heat. Hmmmm. Start this week with a custom job of making a ghetto box out of classic items to bring my music to everyone's ears. Chad gets coverage still with the new Profile Racing ad at the classic Maitland Trannies spot which is still a gem to this day, repping red hubs, can cans, tan wall tires, and showing Mike Meister I still got some tech. Tremaine hits us hard with another edit from Coloradeco, kid is going his own way and making it look nice...hell ya. Maul's bike shop has picked up Deco and will be hosting the Flatland Fracas jam coming up soon. They recently moved after a ton of years in the same location, so stop over there and see what is up. Happy Bday to Matt Coplon who now is in the 35 club and was caught shredding his birthday weekend finding new spots daily in Tampa. Check out more specs and teasers HERE. Chad shows you his 2012 touchdown pose. Lastly  your moment of zen with some top heavy jugs not taking any shit from the beach chair, let them loose and let them swing free. Free birds. -Deco. This is the new Profile Racing ad appearing in RideBMX #182, location is Maitland Trannies in Florida.  
I wanted to do one more edit in Colorado before I got out and started traveling over the summer. I own no rights to the music used in this video. Music credit goes to Wiz Khailfa and Juicy J. -Tremaine Stewart
Maul's bike shop is now carrying Deco, so stop by and check them out and if your in the area hit up Flatland Fracas coming up soon. Matt Coplon weekend session after his 35th Bday. Tuckin and huckin...Happy Bday...   Chad is so excited about football he wants to show you his crotch in the touch-down-there pose for 2012. How to make your own boombox or  Ghetto Box.
Osiris use to make a ghetto backpack with two speakers you could plug your cd player or ipod  to bring music on the go. The wife and me actually packed all our things, well vodka, sandals, swim suit, and money and went to Hawaii with this. So it has history, but with all good things, we cut out the speakers and  started out with a Royal Traveler Make Up case or Train Case. Cut the sides after a stencil was made for the holes. Drill pilot holes for the Jig Saw then cut two circles for the speakers to fit on the sides of the Travel Case. Give the Thumbs Up and the Shocka Bra. Spray paint the outsides of the speakers Gold. Screw face plates to the Case and backings of the speakers. Wire them together. Rapid charge the batteries and plug in iphone and test. Dang that bass, those mids, those highs...perfect for parking lot sessions, the beach, or just looking like a Bad Mother Fucker walking the streets bumping them beats. You can buy cheap ass set ups and take them apart and make something sweet like this, use your mind, use your face, use your body...make life more ghetto than it is. -Chad D
Here is your Moment of Zen Click link below for a quick switch care of Chad D Chad pivot to hang 5

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