In-Her-Bike, or Interbike which ever you prefer

Interbike 2009 was the unvailing of my new brand Deco.    The show was OK, feet hurt, but that is what beer is for. Vegas isn't vegas unless you do some wild shit. This year it wasn't that wild, but I did get a tattoo while McGoo talked for an hour...dam he be funny shit. Mainly talking about gays and bangin Katt von D. This was the first year for Virgin James, so we tried to show him a good time. Locked him in a bathroom with the entire room. Sorry james, guess he hit his head trying to break free. Actually got his underwear snagged and torn off while he was bangin his head on the tile. That sucks. There were a lot of mustache representation and some good times at Nora cup. Some tears and some beers. Some got kicked out for life and others motor boated some cleavage. Video is coming soon... If you want to ask me a question, like in my last post, here is the link where they are ending up.

Deco BMX - More BMX Videos

If you like the art of the WEDGIE or you just need some new approaches at how to give them, click here [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

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