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This week was cut short due to a stay at Woodward camp in Pennsylvania. Amazing is not really enough to describe the stay and how rad the people this year are. Thanks everyone and I'll be back next year with a crew and even my son. Gave away a lot of Deco goods to people who knew and didn't know about Deco. Saw a bunch of front brakes and some amazing riding go down. Why did I leave? ... This week we found out that Josh Eilken has an instagram, follow him now. Tom has been in Florida with his family and then once time to leave he decided to stay a little longer, with building up a bike for his brother. Coplon and myself give it to you with some Woodward pics and videos, also check the Profile Racing instagram for more and Matt Coplon as well. Terry Adams rode in front of 20,000 people doing demos and giving them a dose of the AGRO FACE. Mario Kalushi from Germany checked in as usual with a ton of great pics and amazing spots. Enjoy the weekend, now I am off to the topless beaches of Miami to see some top heavy humans, kinda like the foam pits of bmx. Read a book, know more, don't stop learning, smile, and fake laugh if that is your only laugh for the day...have a great weekend you humans. -Chad D Follow Josh Eilken on instagram here @Jbinobmx
I just built up a bike for my brother with my lifted frame and bars. It feels good that I am able to do this. Thank you @decobmx09 and @maderabmx for the help. Stay lifted! -Tom V
Coplon, get out of the back of the bus...put that stuff down. Matt session the steep tombstone on the snake run...dubs. Check out the @profileracing instagram for WAY more pics and some sweet doubles videos of Chad and Mark and Matt Chad rolling in on the tombstone Chad D with permission riding the Woodward Target plaza. If you can't laugh about a crash don't even try. Chad D at woodward on the lil dirt section trying to one up Mulville with a superman gone bad, ball ride and star tattoo stomp stomach ache. ?#?crashanddragyourfeetinthedirt? Riding with the kids, Stephen Murrays kid pictured here, rad dude. Dirt will make things dirty. Packing in 10 hours a day riding at Woodward, who cares...sleep some other time. TA doing work at the Crossfit thang, looks like 20,000 people watching...dang. #taknowsdeco Mario Kaluski and Allride BMX in Germany checked in with some dope ass pics, check them out. 360 air to fakie and an uprail. Tram wallride, nose press on the sub, RAD kinker rail, massive dirt table, and a big 180 over the spine...there you go. Moments of ZEN

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