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Damn son...scroll down to see Tom Villarreal, Taylor Bonds, Mat Olson, Mannie, and myself killing the InstaVids for this week. Also Coplon up a tree. More Flatark with myself and Thomas Noyer. And feel free to look around the site and enjoy what we have to offer and enjoy your weekend. Thanks. -Chad D MATT COPLON @matt_coplon Sunday. 3:30pm. After missing my footing and falling into a pile of bull ants, here's documentation of something that ended up working out. Wallie to fast plant. #Tampa #decobmx @decobmx #profileracing @profile_racing @etniesbmx #etniesbmx @f0lklore #folklorebrand #choosetampa @choosetampa #hiddentampa @hiddentampa #ilovetampa #florida #bmx #flbmx @flbmx Matt Coplon wallie to foot Here is more from Chad's trip to Flatark...enjoy. Chad D face 2 merkem park Chad D face merkem park Chad D front hop 2 Chad D front hop 3 Chad D front hop Chad D n Claude face merkem park Martti n chad congrats North american crew Keg o Sake   _MG_2650 _MG_2651 _MG_2656 _MG_2660 _MG_2662 _MG_2664 _MG_2665 _MG_2678 My local skatepark called Candyland is a fun warm up park or goto park that has a strong following in the Longwood area. Before you get to the ramps there are some basketball courts that I did some shows on with BMX TRICK STARS and my kids attended and it was awesome. There is no hassle riding there cept when basketball is going on. Right next to it is an even smoother and flawless soccer court, never being used. This was my first session on this surface and I think I will be back. Front wheel hop to back wheel style. @chaddegroot @torquebmx #decobmx #mrbikesnboards #candylandskatepark Pic by @matt_coplon Degroot Foot Transfer O-Town Upcoming events: IMG_2179 Sarasota Dec 12 Spot Jan 16 Oviedo Feb 20 Coa Mar 19 Osp Apr 9 InstaVids for this week:

@tomvillarreal Out here, in there, over here, over there ???? @nikhagen_ #decobmx #bmx

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