Interbike 2010

With how fast the internet moves and those work horse guys doing posts as fast as they can, here is my interbike post, really really late...That shit is funny since it just ended a few days ago. Old news. The first two pics are pretty good, red carpet shot #1 holding those porn trading cards with Jesus lover and 13 foot high airs Coco...glad to get him to hold one. Pretty sure he didn't know what it was. Somehow Brumlow and me interviewed the winners backstage and drank all their beer. A lot of people backstage were confused why and how we pulled it off. Big thanks to for the hookup. I posted most of the videos below, there are a few of Brumlow's HERE getting Garrett to drink out of his cup, pretty funny. Also since Deco. didn't have a real booth, we set up in the men's room for a VitalBMX edit, check all the new stuff out in November.Brumlow, Coco, DeGroot Red Carpet Nora cup 2010 2010-Ride-BMX-NORA-Cup-Red-Carpet-080 Moeller, DeGroot, Stew, Luc-e VIP room upstairs 2010 NORA BestOf17 Vital was nice enough to stop by the Deco. booth which was set up in the mens room

Deco Interbike 2010 - More BMX Videos

I sound like an idiot, but being real drunk on PBR will do that. Congrats Chris.

Video part of the year by Cory Martinez. Its a treat to watch him ride and he should win all the awards. Yet again I sound like an idiot. Congrats Cory and United. Drew won ramp rider of the year. You kidding, this is hands down an easy one. Have you ever seen him ride. Nice ass kid and stunts to back him up. Again, my words are like razors on my back...congrats Drew.

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