Interbike 2011

Interbike usually is a blur from no sleep, tons of alcohol, and just plain on-the-go format. This year I decided to show up late and leave early which proved to be the way to go. Rumors were flying about this year being really small and a lot of companies backing out. Truthfully it was still pretty big but YES a few big boys were not in attendance. Otherwise it was amazing, non stop laughing, drinking, and a little bit of bmx made it one of the best so far. -Chad D
Here are a few pics and some videos from Interbike 2011 Who has the best 360's in the Business? Click here and find out some reactions. They made me check a FuFork in oversize bags, I love it. Instigram our plane. These Casselberry dudes were on my flight. Scott Powell party pack. Animal and Demolition did it right, private showing in a suite in the Venetian with beer and sandwiches. Good sandwiches to. Thanks guys. This guy below was in Chipotle eating up a storm, mustache and all. Mustaches seem to cover 90% of bmx and 95% of kids ages 13-17. Leigh was just showing you whats up. James decided to take a ride on the display motorcycle in the Hard Rock. Hair farmer. Staying with Brumlow is always interesting, I woke up one morning and Dave wasn't in the room, then a picture mail came to my phone with this guy. Strike a pose. Thanks to PowerBar for the last two years...great company and amazing products. Craps was my game of choice. Threw the dice off the table more than a few times. Catfish sighting. I told him I was gonna give him a Nora cup but he never responds so I guess I will wait. Ever heard of Pawn Stars? We were waiting in line to go see that shop and some lady gave me this Strider, so I tried to pawn it. Check out the M&M family outside of the pawn shop. A trip to Vegas wouldn't be complete without an Elvis sighting. So Brumlow pushed their buttons and was in every photo. They asked "Who the hell are you" Dave responded "Elvis". They had enough just after this photo, and I couldn't take anymore cause I was crying. Pusher Crew looking blazed out. No eyes open here. Pusher room at the Palms, only 37 floors up. Get it Clay... The awards. I sat next to Scott Powell, so many good quotes I can't print. Just wait for 2012, Scott Powell come back. Below are some Videos from interbike and the last one is funny cause I am a dork at the end. Interbike 2011 4 Interbike 2011 8 Interbike 2011 30 spring break Lastly here is a vid from out Japan distro 430, they are doing it big over there...Godzilla big.

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