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I answer the phone most days and usually if the first call is wild and makes no sense I know how the day is going to go. "How long of maple wood do I need to make a board?" "like for a skateboard". I am not sure if brains are all working right even with economy and hard times and to much sun and trucker drugs and sores and bumps and everything in life people need to think before talking, but that would mean they would be quite for a second. What I am trying to say is that razor scooters are for kids not grown men with facial hair. Make the right decision ya'll. Start-Mat Olson can do the best inverts, tbogs, and euro's. Sweaty bmx in Florida series dates. TCU rail with Mat dubs to bar.  Coplon getting his style points. Tsutomu in Spain. Chinese noodles. BMX Plus giving a ton of love to  TA Terry Adams, Mat Olson, and even Dustin Grice. Seat and post steal of a deal. TJ is found but now he is broken. Tremaine raditude in your face. Madera new poster with TV and Eilken. FLATARK Japan. Chad needs shin guards. Chad hot and steamy flat session with pics. Josh and the double ditch jam. Kerry Gatt, TA, and more in the new Encounter magazine. END-Stay in school, never stop learning, do what you say  your going to do, and pick up your shit. -Chad D
Mat Olson perfect invert in the Texass heat sass. Brevard Triple Crown, get on some of these dates in Florida and support some BMX action. Mat Olson @matuptobat rail to bars on TCU, so dialed and clean.  LIFTED  FRAME This is a Breakless frame with no threads. No removable tabs, no cable guides, no chain tensioners, no headtube tabs…simple, clean, and smooth as it gets. Sizes: 20.6? and 21?What lifted means to Tom Villarreal…. It means being lifted away from the fucked society we live in today. From the bullshit the government feeds you to the wasted years spent believing in something you have no control over. Do you and what you love, your time will be up before you know it then your stuck in the ground where your feet stayed planted when you had the chance to be LIFTED -Tom Villarreal 75degree  Head Tube 72 degree Seat Tube 13.5?  Rear End 11.7?  MID Bottom Bracket Height 8?  Stand Over height 4lbs. 14oz. Colors: Potent Purple and Real Teal MSRP $339.99 for more info CLICK HERE Mat Olson clicking the shit out of some shit...dang. What is in the meat in Texas? It works...dang. Here are two pics of Coplon, the one is wild cause its a smith on some weird wall with shoes to match the flowers behind it,  and the other, well lets focus on this one. Its a bump off the root to a ohh so style tuck over the wood fence. Dope as usual by Matt. Get your root down. Tsutomu at the O´Marisquiño Flatland contest 2013, he starts at 3:18 but enjoy the rest of the dudes killing it. O´MARISQUIN?O FLATLAND 2013 practice Tsutomu starts at 0:18 So owning a bike company can be work, a lot of work...specially getting news each week, edits, following what each rider is doing and what they are going to be doing. I asked Hiroshi what he has been up to and to get me some news or let me know what he is up it is:
I can make super good Chinese noodle recently You must love it. This is super news.  H .
Check out BMX PLUS October 2013 issue packed with Dew tour and more. Terry Adams taking it for 3rd place and Mat Olson eating the head off a chicken at his pump track. Good issue, pick it up OK? Want a deal? This is amazing and you have to act quick, FAT Deco pivotal all black seat with a green 135mm pivotal seatpost both for only $32.99 CLICK HERE to visit how to get.
MIA for awhile...I found TJ Degroat tonight so I had to get him blasting the quarter to truck fakie. Something about that pink shirt though... #tjknowsdeco Somehow after this run he flew out wrong and broke his ankle in two spots...don't fly out bubs, stay in the game.

Looking you dead in the eye bar spin from @bmxtremaine while in #florideco #decobmx #tremaineknowsdeco dang that Deco raglan looks dope

Check out the new @maderabmx poster featuring Josh Eilken @jbinobmx  on the LIFTED Tom Villarreal frame out now. #decobmx #joshknowsdeco Look out for this with TSUTOMU @tsutomukitayama #decobmx #tsutomuknowsdeco I know running metal bar ends is almost required for flatland but I choose the crappy nylon style. So I started using metal and today I ripped the only two scabs on my body off in one swipe, one was dangling from the bar end. One on my thumb and one on my shin, starting over and growing new scabs now. #decobmx @decobmx09 @mrbikesnboards #flatland #bmx @profile_racing @powerbar #profileracing #scabs #manmeat #meatonmeat #growmeat -Chad D Tsutomu was just in Spain and sent over this chill shot. VOTE TSUTOMU NORA CUP, now you know who to vote for Flatlander of the Year. Josh Eilken and crew ...chillin and shit...BMX - DOUBLE DITCH JAM 2013 ( Albuquerque ) THIS IS A MUST WATCH Just got a copy of the new encounter vol 5 with a ton of pics from COB Japan and the Kerry GATT @kerrygatt interview with amazing pics and more care of EAT MONSTER Yasu #decobmx #kerryknowsdeco and an almost AGRO face from @terryadamsbmx so check it out and get your subscription NOW. To see bigger photos hit up Kerry's TEAM PAGE. This is the original darkside, first one ever. Then more and more ways of doing this came about. Still a rad trick and I need to get a good out...give me some time. -Chad D Chad D back wheel pivot to spin and bar out just before the sweat rain hits from the Florideco heat. Chad D pics from an early morning flatland session. Chillin out in the back of the van away from the sun. Mid foot twist switch. Scoot around bar flip to hip pack. And close up hip pumps. Don't forget to check out the video clips from these tricks. Moments of ZEN

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