JACKPOT is out in Japan now. Next is the USA, and those frames...are incredible. By far the best we have done so far...so excited for Tsutomu Kitayama. City Walk shows are over but check out the pics and video below. Mr Bikes n Boards went wrong, find out why in the video. Honored to be named one of the top 10 best freecoaster riders of all time. Lee Musselwhite on that show tip. Matt Coplon dried up Tampa and is back bouncing off fences. AND the instaVids for this week are rad, not just biking, but life. -Chad D "6 week trial period just came to an end with only Friday and Saturday 3 shows each night. Entertaining people leaving and going to the theme parks and restaurants. Pretty loose style 15 min sets at Universal City walk...just making a jam circle and getting people excited. Was great seeing the reactions and 300 plus people watching at times but really challenging with the lights adding pounds to our bikes and played with your eyes and mind. We dumbed it down back to some basics but Scott Weaver stepped it up with some really tough rolling tricks as he got use to the area doing the whole 6 week trial. His no handed tricks looked so wild with all the lights hooked up to us. I did get a good reaction with the Darkside in that one show...I fell once but finally understood later to make it flow and do a good show. Surface is slick with spilled drinks and close to a water feature the kids play in non stop. Another show, another story, always excited where bmx brings me. Showing people what you can do on a bike, entertaining, growing BMX. I do think a halloween costume idea is in order after being lit up with hundreds of lights on my helmet, bike, and body. Video is coming soon as with  a go pro we were able to capture one show and the highlights are real crazy with all these lights. Youtube channel Decobmx09" -CHAD DEGROOT @chaddegroot @theweavbmx Thanks to @bmxtrickstars #decobmx #bmx @profile_racing #profileZcoaster Chad D hang 5 univeresal Chad D slider Universal Scott no hander Universal

Universal BMX Trick Stars Scott Weaver and Chad DeGroot DecoBMX

Mr. Bikes N Boards Went Wrong - Long Jump Edition

Pretty excited about this part I came out with a few years ago but then Karl Poynter? and Vital BMX? did a top 10 free coaster riders. Here is the video they posted https://vimeo.com/19668395 but please take a look at the whole gang of 10 http://www.vitalbmx.com/features/10-Best-Freecoaster-Riders-of-All-Time,4337 Enjoy this read, watch the videos, go backwards and use the freecoaster and big ups to Profile Racing? for the new Z coaster, best in the game. Quote me on that... full_poynter1280_703288   Always cool doing combined arena shows with this boss @bowersstuntsofficial ???? Simon lanExtremeeDecobmxxx #flatland #streetbike #freestyle 11895940_498309030337040_8358451288486127480_n @matt_coplon maiden voyage with Stella in the rare clear skies of Tampa. Pic by @scgsteve Complete rig check posting up soon on @vitalbmx Coplon Fence Ride Tampa Stella NOW AVAILABLE IN JAPAN Tsutomu Kitayam's signature JACKPOT frame: Here are the specs on his frame: 75 degree headtube 71 seat tube 13" chainstay 7” STANDOVER HEIGHT Sizes: 18.9",  19.5", and 20"TT 14mm dropout slots 11.85 BB height Removable 990 tabs Spanish Bottom Bracket Integrated seatpost clamp BUILT IN through the middle Chain tensioners Heat treated head tube, spanish BB shell, and drop outs COLORS: Matte Army Green, Raw Clear Gold, and Raw Clear Blue Weight: 1.85 kg or 4lbs. 8oz. MSRP $339.99  Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.57.51 PM "My first signature frame 'JACKPOT' arrived to me just now!
  • It's soooo exciting!! Love this gun!! ?????????????? JACKPOT??????????? ??????????????????? THANKS @decobmx ???

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 6.50.02 AMunnamed You INSTAVIDS of this week.
Upcoming events: 11755783_10153069853709142_830905885602637629_nHIGHLANDWNY BMX FLYER.psdIMG_9877 Get to this years NORA cup for many reasons but I have to mention MATT CLOSSON @mattclosson part in @bluntedathletics @ridebmx Save the date, gentlemen. We're psyched to announce that NORA Cup 2015 will be at the Fremont Country Club (@fremontcc) on the strip in old town/downtown Las Vegas on Thursday, September, 17th. We'll be premiering @bluntedathletics new DVD "Forever Rolling" #bmx #bmxisfun #decobmx Moment of ZEN Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.49.31 PM www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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