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Hot AF. Have you said this yet? Well it was cold AF so now take it and get out and ride n enjoy. Even if its hot. Check out this week below and there is a variety from 20 years on the job to a podcast of so many stories and more. Featured vids also and an event coming up you should make it to...enjoy this week and weekend. -Chad D I was getting ready to get in a van for a 6 week tour with Reversal of Man almost exactly 20 years ago, when Jeff Harrington asked if I’d be interested in riding @profile_racing components. At that point, beyond riding bikes and being in punk bands, I was dead set on finishing my degree in Literature, and going on to grad school in hopes to instruct some wide eyed students the ins and outs of existentialism. Never would I have expected what that small gesture turned into...from rider, to sales, to freestyle TM, to general go-to guy: it’s been a wild ride. Eternally grateful. Layout by @adi_gilbert -Matt Coplon


https://digbmx.com/dig-this/matt-coplons-skavenger-hunt-win-a-custom-profile-hub Check out this Jam circle podcast with Chad DeGroot n crew click HERE TO HEAR.  Sietse Got frontpage in a local newspaper, me hosting the show while my buddy Emile Bouwman jumps Some kids!   TA and some new whip pics care of @peeka_roux @tsutomukitayama with some new pics...unreal angle and that position...damn Details in the Tampa city scape often lie lost in translation. Wallride/manual hybrid conjured last week while weaving through the unrideable. Leave no alleyway unturned. Photo care of @scgsteve -Matt Coplon Congrats to Sietse for 3rd place in MOC moving to the next round.
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