Jason Levy Uncut

We decided to make a trip up to Gainseville to ride a new public skatepark and meet up with Matt Coplon  to shoot an ad. Most of the time if your in the area Jason Levy will sense there is BMX going on in town and find you. He has a weird gift to guess numbers, rub metal smooth, and is currently writing a science fiction novel. DIG magazine decided to give Jason a full page in issue #79 that just came out. Dolecki picked out some of the best quotes and interview questions for the mag, but this video is the Uncut version at almost 45 minutes long. If you don't know Jason, get to know him. Sit down, crack a beer, pop some pills, smoke some drugs, and learn something about the only man in BMX to have ever tried a 180 roof to roof gap while shooting a gun. Jason Levy Uncut from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo. Don't forget to check out his 2nd place finish in Aspire video contest.

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