Follow Kerry on Facebook, click the tab Follow Kerry on Instagram @KERRYGATT #kerryknowsdeco #decobmx #decoshocka #decogenius SPONSORS: Check out Kerry's designed GENIUS bars HERE.   DECObrandofyear2014 For Kerry's BIO Paul Osicka stepped in and did the questions:, my old friend.. being that you have been on the bike path for such a while, what advice can you give these young cats out there living the life looking for the deeper experience on the bike? I would encourage them to listen and think for themselves. 2.what advice can you give them cats that have been pro for some years and looking down the line at what is next and how to make the most of it? Good question. Staying in shape will make getting less young less of a struggle. Flatland is with out a doubt the most challenging thing I have put my body and mind through over the years, and if I want to keep doing it at some level I am going to need to take care of myself. 3.anything you would have done differently? No. 4.anything that you are extra grateful for having done? I am truly grateful for all the friends I have made in BMX. BMX has taught me to take chances, and believe in myself. It has taught me some very valuable lessons that I can apply to everyday life!'s it going? It goes well, busy with a fam, work, riding, bass, and getting ready to have twins! 6.what's up with having twins mr frisky two times? Not sure, hahaha, it was a bit of a surprise for us but we’re excited and are looking forward to their arrival! 7.any advice for the younger single riders looking for the kind of woman that can deal with a dedicated artist that spends a lot of time on a little kids’ bike? Wow, that’s a tough one. I think as long as you have a balance in your art and your time away from your art, you should be on the right path. Having a partner who appreciates your desires outside of your relationship is a good thing too! 8.what are you into doing on the bike at present? Well, staying on my bike and not gettin’ broke off is number one hahaha. I still work on the same tricks I have been doing for years, maybe try to smooth out some of those tricks or put a new spin on them. 9.what was your favorite era in your bmx experience? I don’t really have one significant time, but I do remember some that sparked excitement! Riding in New Zealand back around the early 90’s was one. We had a small but very dedicated bunch of riders who pushed each other daily. Living in Green Bay, WI and riding with the Baco crew was another. Sharing a small living quarters in Chapel Hill, NC with Osicka in the late 90’s was crucial. I think we feed off each other’s hunger a bunch and not just ‘cause we was broke! And lastly riding in Huntington Beach, CA also in the late 90’s was incredible. I shared a parking lot with some of the best riders in the world at that time on any given day! 10.who are the muthaf'rs that inspired you the most baby:)? Riders that inspire, I would say Dion Geaney(RIP), Mike Garrard, Parris Whakarau(RIP), Kevin Jones, Chase Gouin, Mark Eaton, Chad Degroot, Paul Osicka, Dylan Worsley, Leif Valin, Dave Freimuth, Chris Rye, Aaron Behnke, Mark Hilson, Andrew Arroyo, Edgar Placencia, Day Smith, Sean Parker. Musicians that inspire are Mike Watt, D.Boon, Paul Chambers, Red Mitchell, Charles Mingus, William Parker, Ornette, Coleman, Thelonious Monk, Sun Ra, John Coltrane, 11.what music are you riding to right now? Lately I have been enjoying some older hip hop, Gang Starr, Tribe, Handsome Boy, De la Soul. fIREHOSE, and various Watt related projects I also love this Japanese band Lite so they get played a bunch too. Kerry in his Genius 4 piece bars ad...see more on the bars HERE. Kerry Gatt Genius bars DECO BMX from DecoBMX on Vimeo. Here is a great interview on FLATMATTERS with some amazing pics as well...well worth the peek. DECOBMX MEMORIES - Chad Degroot Kerry Gatt Hiroshi Uehara - from hiroshi430 on Vimeo. USA MADE flag

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