King of Crete, Deco art, Real Leather seats, Tag that garage, Mat Olson dirt, Occupy Tampa, Chad and Loreal commerical

Black Diamond presents King of Crete. Deco art art cut a fart and blew the TV apart. Leather Deco. seats only 6 made, Real Leather son. Tag that garage door with Deco. Mat Olson riding dirty. Occupy Tampa video with Mike Meister, Matt Coplon, and friends. Chad doing a Loreal commercial? Get into the Crete and be a KING. Mat Olson sent this, some doodles, some wildness...fart. REAL leather seats are available NOW. Small run, get some. Buy these here and only HERE. Only 6 made. More tag art. Keep sending in Deco sightings...thanks. Mat Olson is tough to keep track of. He sent over some trails shots. So good. Then as you can see, he is rolling deep on his motorcycle. Rolling on 2's. Politics are heating up in Tampa. But its best to hang out in the shadows, jibbing on some spots in the cut. Here's a collection of clips captured over the past couple months. Locals include: Dustin Carbonaro, Forrest Roberts, Scott Ehlert, Matos Goodwin, Nails, Matt Coplon and Matt Arnold. And thanks to contributions from this season's visitors: Rob Dolecki, Keith Mulligan, Cody Belcher, and Mike Meister. Enjoy Tampa. Chad recently did a commercial for Loreal Paris. Here he is behind the scenes talking about the shoot. Pics are below. Ohh ya, the commercial is for Mens bronzer...funny as it gets...go bronz bro.

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