Kona Skatepark Finals, Winners win, Mike Meister, Trannies, Deco monkeys, and where are your roots?

Finally the Kona finals video, wow  I slacked on this. Check it out. And Congrats Mat on the win. Winners win. Mike Meister was in Florida doing his thang. Check the pics. Maitland Trannies got a session, that place never gets old. FuBars. Deco monkeys? Mat Olson jumping over some ass. Lastly, where the hell are you? Mat Olson took a break from doing shows for a quick weekend via the Greyhound bus lines. Met Chad DeGroot in Orlando and went up to Kona in Jacksonville for a one day Finals of the Florida BMX series. It was a dream to ride this park and he walked away with the win. Congrats Mat. Stole these pics from the TBR site. Thank Matt and Mike. Stole this from TBR as well. Nose joint at Sarasota skatepark huge wedge by Chad DeGroot and disaster at the maitland trannies. Hard to believe its been 13 years of riding that spot. Matt Shaw and the Shawpound have had some of the best set ups ever. Then the city stepped in and had the ramps removed. Good news he is allowed to build dirt on the side of his house and from the look through FuBars appears that the trails season is on us. Holla at those FuBars son. More Mike, had enough? This was found and now we might use it in an ad...What the hell is a Deco monkey? Let me know. After Hiroshi left he sent me a magnet fisheye lense for my phone...dam right...shit is on...Thanks Powerbar to. Mat Olson instagram lookback shameless logo...thanks buddy boy. Lookblack. And the last shot is Mat doing school shows for strippers...nice gig and a round one. Looks like a boner air over a booty stance. Would  you? Here is some food for thought...lets get back to our roots.

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