"I have been collecting belly button lint for over 15 years"
Tom Tom Tom. What the shit are you doing in LA? Hit the edits below, from Olympics to wild ass lines, kid has it and isn't letting up on the edits.  Mat Olson, we found him in the woods, sweet pics on dirt lips. Funny face Coplon over a fence? You decide.  Gonna date myself with barspins, who can't do this trick. Flat links are still fun? Reuben rocking dem FuBars son, thanks. FREE BEER is good beer as long as Kyle Painter doesn't show up. Anarchy n Anderson flyer to let you know what is up. And your moments of Zen are fucked up this week...sorry. -Chad D
Feel the anticipation, suspense, triumphs and joys as the world get together to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games. Starring Samsung's official ambassador for the Olympic Games, David Beckham, follow the journey of the GALAXY S III, from Mumbai to Shanghai and Los Angeles, as it captures the most emotional moments of the Games. The TV commercial will be aired starting July 16 in over 20 countries including UK, France and China. Wherever you are, you can take part in this historic moment. The GALAXY S III, Samsung's Olympic Games Phone. Everyone's Olympic Games. Decided to hit Staples Center and the Car wash down the road for a quick session and ended up racking enough clips for a little "Nugg" edit. Film|Edit Justin Butts:!/justinbuttsfilm Tammy: Mat Olson checked in with some amazing trails pics, steep lips and dirt tricks...ya ya. Coplon fence face...TBR represent. Felt like Edwin or some shit here. 20 years of bars son. Reuben Krussick chilling at the Los altos comp, sent some good pics our way. Love the bunnyhop bar and the random chick with the purse not sure what is going on.FuBars are out there...holla. Who hates free beer? Tell me who? Check all the pics from Maul's Fracas Jam HERE and the amazing video HERE Anarchy N Anderson flyer Here are your moments of Zen: DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR FACEBOOK, SHITWITTER, TUMBLR, AND THE BEST SHIT EVER INSTAGRAM CRACKER CLICK THIS LIGHTER AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.  

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