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Ever catch someone in a lie and they can't back out? Trying to do an event in front of my shop Mr. B's and my landlord gave me the thumbs up and she was excited. What I did not know is that she told her insurance to not cover this and deny us our event permit letter. I busted the insurance guy, nice guy, but to have my landlord pawn it off on insurance was as shady as it gets. If your honest, don't lie, and do what you say you will go a long way. Listen to this, use this, make this a part of your life. YES I may have popped out a few gray hairs from this situation but they can all be friends with the mass amount of grays pushing through from other events. Friends will be friends. Push forward and make whatever you do happen. Hiccups or landlords can't rule. And if you such shit have other people do your dirty work. It works for some people. Enjoy this weeks post. Lots of news. And I would like to announce the flatland contest which is happening NOT in front of my shop but at the local skatepark Candyland in Longwood, Florida on March 26th with a good pro purse. -Chad D   MATT COPLON Home sweet home. At least it always feels that way. Quiet after the storm (#spotroast  weekend). Thanks to @alanshirley @bethandbodhi for the Rooster Den. Good times with good folks @stephenosgood @angusgough pic care of @scgsteve #bmx #tampa #choosetampa @decobmx #decobmx #profileracing @profile_racing #etniesbmx @flbmx #flbmx   Coplon spread rooster As seen on @tomvillarreal No words can describe riding a spot like this. Thanks for the photo @ilovenaterichter #decobmx #bmx #tuck Tom V tuck brick tran MATT CLOSSON nose press at one wild spot ????: @galacticseabass Matt Closson @mattclosson #decobmx #bmx Matt Closson nose DecoBMX riders including TA, Scott Obrien, and Chad DeGroot ride for TorqueBMX. Help them get to 10k on Instagram and win 1 of 3 prize packs. Follow @torquebmx, repost the image, tag 3 friends and use the hashtag #Torque10k and remember to #growBMX #decobmx @chaddegroot @scottobmx @terryadamsbmx Chad D torque prize packs Scott O torque prize packs TA torque prize packs

2016 Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT) Roast Bowl Jam Highlights

Check out all the fine ass goods HERE Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.07.15 PM Upcoming events: IMG_2179 TBLDFJ16_teaser March 26th Candyland Skatepark Flatland contest Longwood, Florida with PRO purse. 12562638_10153731505820049_1933578878_o Sponsorship package B Sponsorship package B (dragged) Sponsorship package B (dragged) 1 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 2 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 3 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 4 Sponsorship package B (dragged) 5 Looking for a  DecoBMX Products? click on the tab nav_dealers  to find out...and thanks to the new dealers that just popped up and joined our crew. Want to become a dealer? contact and to take a look click here  products to find out the deal for this month...thanks for the support. Also to buy now tab go ahead I double dare you to.

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Check these manual skills from @tomvillarreal how crazy is this line also...damn #decobmx #deco #bmx

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  Moment of ZEN IMG_3961

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