Long rail, Eurotuner vid, Edwards edit, Kelsy in Austin, Mike Meister banner, Kona, and Chad DeGroot Flizzzatland

These posts are getting longer and longer and longer and longer and longer and longer. Whew! Click the link below for the long rail from Mat Olson. John Ludwick and the Eurotuner video is pretty sweet seeing behind the scenes from the photo shoot. Jon Edwards is doing it for Deco. in the UK. Kelsy Hoog and the Austin edit. Mike Meister's friend Jeff Brown send over a few pics and they made up the new Banner image. Kona skatepark comp is coming up, you should be there. Lastly Chad DeGroot riding flat. More lastly Mat Olson in a rap video, party hard.Click this link below to see a long ass rail...


Eurotuner send me this edit of behind the scenes of the photoshoot with John Ludwick and his small tank...

BMX Pro John Ludwick's VW Fox wagon and mini-tank

Valleyside Distro sent this over. Some amazing spots and clean riding from: Jon Edwards Edit We had a great time in Austin even if we drove way more then we rode. 5 guys packed up in a Toyota Tacoma seeking adventure. A guaranteed good time! Featured riders are Joshua Larson, Kelsy Hoog and Zack Allen. Can't wait to go back! Good Friends, Good Trips, Good times... see you soon Austin! Mike Meister is one of the nicest dudes ever, he blasts, and he fucks around the whole time...Thanks for reppin some Deco. goods buddy, ya buddy. Huge ass t-bog and blasting airs at one of Coloradeco's cement parks. Kona is the longest running skateparks in america...dang dang. Get there on the 10th to see one hell of a snake run and see Red Bull Dave without a shirt... Your guess is as good as mine. Been putting in time on my flatland machine. It's tough to do news when no photographer is around so I decided to roll the dice with my iPhone and capture a pic doing some front wheel boogie. Turned out pretty good. It was tough getting into this trick then holding the camera still. Must have looked funny if someone was watching. Holla and go packers...chad d HEY MAN, HIT UP OUR LIVE TWITTER FEED, SEE WHAT CHA SAYING ON OUR PAGE, DANG 11-11-11 only comes once, so were giving you 11% off one day only on  your total order including shipping... Mat Olson is a rap video, party hard

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