Longwood skatepark delayed

The city contacted me and said there are two items holding up the opening of the Longwood skatepark:
1. The 1000+ pieces of equipment are having to be cleaned of rust and painted to seal each piece from future rust.  This is tedious and time consuming.  Part of this is being done off site.  There are also two missing pieces that have to be reordered.  The 55 gallon barrel of nuts and bolts are fine. 2. Dan Langley approved the language for the waiver some time ago but the City's risk management company is reviewing the waiver and signage necessary for the park.  Until this is completed, the park cannot  open.  I cannot have signs made until the wording is approved. -Fran Meli, City of Longwood Parks Department
With that said, we will be waiting a little while for the completion but they are working on it daily. The ramps have been sitting for over 5 years, so the maintenance is necessary. Don't be scared of the liability waiver, its for 17 and under. Once the city gets these finished you can stop into Mr. B's and get it filled out, we will turn it in for you. -Chad D

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