Longwood Skatepark update 7-18-2011

Last night I attended a meeting which was mostly about the parks and rec, July is national parks month. Standing up in front of all the city commissioners and the mayor isn't easy but it was very necessary.  They have been working on the Longwood skatepark for over 5 years now. The initial kids, yes kids, that started this process were attending middle school and are now out of high school with no skatepark still. The commissioners all commented on this and were actually bummed out that they have spent so much money on the Longwood parks and not much to show for it. The ramps they bought 5 years ago were purchased for $76,000.00. It will take another $68,000.00 for installation and cement for the foundation. They have this money and can do it now, but they are still going over legal issues and drawings. Only one commissioner was against spending the money in this years budget, but he was 100% into the skatepark idea. So what it comes down to  is another meeting in August,  and that should be it. We are going to get all the facts, figures, and liability issues together and approach the council with no questions left unanswered. Below are a few quotes from the Mayor and the 5 city commissioners. -Chad D
The Mayor wants no more stalling, he wants the plans and when the parks n rec will have them done. "Bring me the plans and let's move forward" "No more stalling" "I support this project but we need a few more safety guidelines and more info. "I contacted Oviedo Skatepark, Florida statue waives liability for a Skatepark" "I don't want to delay this another year" - Mayor Maingot "Get a shovel and put it at Reiter Park" -Commissioner Bundy
Everything that was brought up was real positive and great, but it comes down to making some moves. This park will happen, but we are all hoping it will happen sooner than later. Liability isn't an issue. Budget isn't an issue. What is? The location, attendants, and upkeep and maintenance issues. I snapped a pic of the Chapter 316 says  says to encourage governmental owners of property to make land available to the public for skateboarding and freestyle or mountain and off-road bicycling. -Chad D

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