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Really want to start with how the crew killed the instagram game this week and the instaVids  with the Madera crew in town throwing down so much NICE. This week was insane and you can witness it for yourself below. While I am writing this it came to my attention how there are so many good people out there supporting in their own way. Fresh on my mind is Adam LZ. Love him, hate him, hate his game, love his cars...he is a big talk of the media for a lot of reasons. He is killing it with his brand LZ and we see a surge in the youth and kids along with the #growBMX from Torque crew. It all adds up to greatness in the right direction to support and make some moves. I say this cause thanking AdamLZ and the rest of the donors including The Void, my mother in law, Grace n Rob, Andrew Baron,  my old friend with sunglass tans from fishing ...Steve Boggie Brown, and a few anonymous are making this effort to Fix our local skatepark a success. Just excited this week from all of this and including a seriously good trip with Matt Coplon and Terry Adams around Louisiana. Support, love, enjoy...thank you all for taking a look at this. Proud to ride BMX and the future it holds. -Chad D @terryadamsbmx switching it up to transitions for the morning. Can Nose at one of the best DIY spots in the South. Pic by @matt_coplon #bmx @profile_racing #profileZcoaster #parisite Terry Adams Can Nose Parasite NOLA @chaddegroot Miami Hopper. Parisite. Morning session day three in NOLA. #profileracing Bayou Sessions. Pic by @matt_coplon #bmx @profile_racing #profileZcoaster #parisite MAT OLSON was quoted as saying LOUISIANA KICKSTAND...so good.  Chad Degroot Cowboy Parasite NOLA Scott Obrien is Stoked to hang with @matt_coplon and @chaddegroot today here in New Orleans. Thanks for the pic @matt_coplon ?#?bmx? ?#?family? ?#?flatland??#?Decobmx?  ?#?nola? ?#?bmxlife? 12339408_787754028018562_2882638205383755002_o
Fakie hang nothing from  @chaddegroot on the @bikesoverbaghdad tour. ???? @mulligan4130 Taking advantage of the ramps @wesselbuilt and @livewireconstruction come up with on a moments notice in the middle east #bikesoverbaghdad #Growbmx #bmx #decobmx @profile_racing @bikesoverbaghdad
Chad D fakie hang 5 BOB MATT COPLON @matt_coplon @matt_coplon "Spent a good portion of the weekend hanging with #johnnydevlin Good times, and even better conversation. After making due with some garbage, we cruised this makeshift wallride on his last visit. Looking forward to the next. Thanks to @thereal_turd_ferguson for snapping this pic for me." @decobmx #decobmx #profile_racing #profileracing #bmx #etniesbmx @etniesbmx @f0lklore #choosetampa @choosetampa #hiddentampa @hiddentampa #flbmx @flbmx IMG_1340 Follow me on this...MATT CLOSSON edit is so close to being done but he wants to get a few more clips. Here is one...try and add this up. Is he going up or down or backwards or forwards? @mattclosson #editalmostdone #bmx #decobmx #rideeveryday #bmxlife Matt Closson half cab bricks QUICK RIG CHECK WITH CHAD DEGROOT Profile Push stem with Titanium bolts. Profile Z Coaster with Ti axle Front Elite Hub Race cranks with a 25t spline sprocket milled to fit a 3/32 chain IMG_1348 At ASA in St. Petersburg doing cliff hanger on the dugout. Thanks to @ryanguettler for the pic. Security had no idea what was going on. ?#?decobmx??#?bmx? ?#?rideeveryday? ?#?bmxisfun? @profile_racing @decobmx @torquebmx ?#?flatland? ?#?pbte? Chad D cliff hanger dug out Bmx is very strong in central Florida thanks to tons of support from @maderabmx 10 year anniversary tour, @mrbikesnboards @fbmbikecompany @profile_racing and thanks to @subrosabrand for the legit rail set up plus the crazy hard work from @thevoid_ this is making our area so sweet...plus you can't beat this Florida winter weather. Huge thanks to @crandallfbm for the pic and @matt_coplon and crew including @mikehinkens @tomvillarreal and everyone for just straight up being down and cool. This makes us #lovebmx #ride #rideeveryday #support #growbmx #bmx IMG_1334 Judges gone wild. Taking a break today with @matt_coplon @chaddegroot @catfishvsthug in between working the SPX ASA event in St. Pete. Dialed session. Sweating to the oldies. Pic care of @crandallfbm #bmx #flbmx @decobmx #decobmx #profileracing Coplon can tooth in tampa This jersey barrier is so tight and you almost have to be a local to session it...Chad D gets his tooth on in Tampa with some flatland knurled WuPegs while on a recent trip... Chad D tooth tampa   Upcoming events: IMG_2179 InstaVids for this week:
BEANIES, BUCKET HATS, AND CLASSIC SNAPBACK TRUCKERS ALL IN STOCK...shipping starts NOW...ohh hell ya. DECO BEANIES CIRCLE DECO HATS CIRCLE seat post clampPlastic-pedals-2Black-gripsDeco-pc-pegs-on-table Moment of ZEN This is amazing that Adam Lz stepped it up and donated. Please spread this around, tell others, share this. We all can get this done soon to improve Candyland Park as we all need this. Help out Longwood and our scene and we can make some moves for the improvement of "Fix Candyland Skatepark Longwood" https://www.gofundme.com/6tbsy6w4 Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 8.47.41 PM www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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