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About to get on a plane and meat up with TA in Minneapolis for a Lifeproof demo. Funny thing is X Games is happening right meow. I knew it was going down soon but this is a bonus. Hope to meet up with some bros and chill before and after the demos. Lot of times its demo then rush to the airport...which isn't that bad being gone all of 30 hours. Check out the @decobmx story and @profile_racing as well and @terryadamsbmx and mine @chaddegroot. Also hit up Mat Olson as he is like a boss at Copper mountain with the 5th week kids and more. June mash up its up just scroll down and press play. The Japan 430 crew is all over China tour style so stay up with them bubs. Taylor, Torrance, and myself up in that instVids guts. And lastly check what is coming up and be sure to make it out to some events, get on your bike, or just follow what is good. HOLLA -Chad D What are you doing this Saturday? Stop by Mall of America to see Terry Adams riding and Chad DeGroot MC a demo in front of the Verizon store... Mat Olson getting some sessions at Woodward West Pics by @chipproulx Bmx has taken me some amazing places. Now my #volkswagen is joining the fun. She's running like a champ so far even up and over these quite exhausting mountain passes. I've driven my bus from AZ to FLA, now From NV to CO! I can't wait to see them all. Colorado has some amazing scenery to say the least. This time of year and it's accompanied by the best weather available. Thanks to @woodwardcopperfor having me out as well as giving me an excuse to road trip the #baywindow Shout out to @dans_vw_customs for getting me squared away before the trip. Our crew @tsutomukitayama / @takuyahiga / @hiroshi430 go all over the China with 430 crew on this summer . @matuptobat getting some pre camp laps earlier today. He will be shredding all week long with week 5 crew. #woodwardcopper #bmx #decobmx#pusherbmx #profileracing #merkemgoods#matknowsdeco InstaVids for this week:

Front Wheel Combo #bmx #gopro #video #caracas #decobmx #white #jackpot @alejomarques

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