Mat Olson Across State Lines - Camp Woodward - Week 8, 2019 - Aircooled Adventures

"This is a short video of my weeks experience at Camp Woodward in Colorado. A week at camp for your kid, is like a week at the Bahamas for any parent. Non-stop action all day long for any sport! This year there was a large group of young shredders. Learning new things at camp and making new friends is what its all about. Stoked to walk away with a couple new tricks, and a handful of new friends. This edit goes out to ALL the Week 8, 2019 Camp Woodward BMX Campers. Great work tackling new challenges and keeping a great attitude the entire week through. Thanks for the good times!" -Mat Olson @matuptobat 

This is a mix of clips from my 2019-2020 adventures. This edit includes clips from so many road trips and bmx shows along the way. I will have links to all these edits at the bottom: 

- Camp Woodward Copper week 8

- Buses By the Bridge 2020

- Aircooled Adventures 2019


  This mash up has most of my favorite moments (that I was able to capture) in a nut shell. Shows for Monster Jam, Nitro Circus Demos in Cali, Camp Woodward Copper, Frisco Bike Park sessions, Arvada session with the #pusherbmx homies, and of course a handful of @Aircooled_entertainment performances through the last year. Hop in, kick back, enjoy the ride... 



Sent from my iPhone Featured Riders: @masterchef - @jadbmx - @rudybmx - @connorfornia - @147productions - @chiefdesert - @davidmarino - @trace_does_stuff A seriously big shout out to everyone along the way. Thanks for the way. I hope to have many more paths crossed this year despite this quarantine. 🤞🏻 See you soon. 

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