Mat Olson, Chad DeGroot, Josh Eilken, TA frame, Baby, Grips, 30 years old

Want to start with a huge Happy Birthday to Terry Adams who turned 30. People freak out on that but when I was turning 30 I almost lost my mind, and truthfully from 28-35 was the  best times ever. Get old, you can't get young, screw it, old is the new young. Mat Olson is going nuts with shows daily and making it all happen with everyone supporting fundraisers and more to get his local skatepark built. It can happen, read below and check pics for proof. TA frames are done and you can prebook them here cause there going fast. Chad and his son at the beach, get out with your kids and do stuff and take pics. Take a picture it will last longer.  Coplon killed it all at Woodward, few pics posted below are worth the look, riding dirt even. Josh Eilken does nice can cans. Chad can do tabes but where are the babes? New Black and Yellow swirl and 3 color grips coming soon. Lastly, congrats to Hiroshi for his 1st born, he sent over a pic with no hesitation showing the baby shocka. Have a really special weekend and make memories. Hopefully next week we can show you the Deco neck tattoo and some other wild tats...sit tight. -Chad D
Mat has been tied up everyday doing shows and digging, here is what he had to say
CTY is looking so good. We have spent the past few months digging drainage and dialing in a few lines. Everything is smooth and fast as hell! We have 4 lines and most of the jumps transfer in or out of each line. Home is where the heart is, mine lives in the woods. The pump track is almost final. Gonna be putting out a sweet new edit with some gnarly lines on the track. Roof to track to roof back to berm shooting... This year marks the year we finally made it happen! Patrick A. Tinnell memorial skatepark is almost complete. 40,000 sq feet for bad ass. Just shows with some dedication and a ton of people's  voices speaking out for what their community needs, you can do anything. Summer adventure shows are nuts! Been riding 4 shows A day for the past 45 days... Super hot and muggy out, but it makes for great training days, and money stacking days. Via my new 66 VW Squareback. Holla -Mat Olson
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MAN, 30 years old man. The TA frame is done and now it needs to ship to the USA so were letting you know late September it will be available. More info check the TA link and Terry Adams page. This app is dope, shot by Coplon while at Woodward shown here Chad D, or the many faces of Chad.
My family was just in South Beach Florida and my kids required they bring bikes which is rad, so we took a little ride near the beach, well I just chilled and Cooper did a lot of work. Get your kids outside, hell, you get outside and make it happen. -Chad D
This came out awhile ago but I just wanted you to know...   Coplon hitting you with a few pics from Woodward, laying it flat with that foot hanging off on the dirt track, tuck on the jersey barrier, and there you go. #mattknowsdeco Josh Eilken or @jbinobmx getting stylie with a can can on a wooden quarter #joshknowsdeco #decobmx Chad D tabes for babes at woodward with the Profile Racing crew, pic by Matt Coplon. Congrats to Hiroshi for his new little one just born. Little darkside. These new babies are in production BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW and 3 color RASTA swirl grips in your face real soon. Moments of ZEN

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