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Short work week this time bub. Scroll down and enjoy. Lots of updates from Japan real soon...holla. -Chad D

Mat Olson Webisode

Mat Olson Webisode from Juke Life on Vimeo.

Andy Hale X Mannie Nogueira in Gran Canaria

TERRY ADAMS time machine hop

Terry Adams is making quick work of his dialed spot in his garage. Here are two versions of the same time machine hop. Check them both here and pick which one you think is better. I prefer the one where he stomps the pedals and rides out so smooth...but you can decide. @terryadamsbmx #decobmx #flatland

Chad DeGroot ride out DecoBMX

"Ride-outs have always been a pleasure of mine. This whole link is new to me so when I racked my brain how to get out of this in a cool way this is what I came up with. I truly was not confident I could ride out of this or pull it this way so I decided to press record and give it a whirl. This turned out way better and smoother than I ever could have imagined plus I am excited about this whole link which is going to expand and get even better soon." -Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot @profile_racing @decobmx @torquebmx #decobmx #bmx #growbmx #torquebmx #flatland #pbte Chad D ass handed to him

mikegreen901 deco

Winding through the foothills of SoCal at the base of a Native American reservation was this monument to pool sharks. A session amongst legendary company. Pic care of @markmulville #decobmx @decobmx #profileracing @profile_racing @etniesbmx #etniesbmx @f0lklore #folklorebrand #bmx #socal #california #adventure @matt_coplon Matt Coplon cali blue pool
Here is a great pic of Thomas Noyer as seen on his instagram @thomasnoyer Thomas Noyer jump BW

Pistolero Jam by One Love

Chad DeGroot
@chaddegroot and Michael just got picked up by the @flatark_officialwhip. Off to Kobe for the 40k winner takes all finals. Big baby bubs doing some judging #decobmx #bmx #flatark#flatland #decojapan @torquebmx#torquebmx @hiroshi430 @tang_menglive feed tomorrow for Prelims and finals on Sunday. Remember the 12 hour time change in the states...hit for the live feed button. 84 pro riders going for the $40,000 1st place. This is going to change everything.
IMG_0532 Upcoming events: IMG_4707crack dad nov 1   INSTA VIDS OF THE WEEK:
Moment of ZEN www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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