Mat Olson edit, NEW pedal, Race, party, 21.5" and more

Mat checked in from Woodward West then hit us with a new edit combining motorcyle skills to jumping over bowls...check it below. Had to show off the NEW pc pedal with 9 removable metal pins coming in black or silver. Posted three events coming up, if your in those areas hit them up and support some good shit in bmx. Coloradical London airing a smooth park. Deco. on a race jersey, peep it. Mat Coplon foots a rail, stomp it son. Chad at Dew tour, some of those pics are incredible, just saying...  Party in the parking lot video is the best, thanks Gentry, if you don't know you should know. 21.5" sneak peek, those playas are coming real soon...stay tuned. -Chad D
Wow! What a crazy long trip! From Texas to havasu to Vegas to Woodward west back to havasu to Sante Fe and finally... Back in texas. Long hours, tons of riding, and a whole mess pile of good times. I picked up my dogs in AZ, life is pretty good. School shows start up soon, there is a sweet dirt contest in lake havasu city AZ on Oct. 27th, interbike, Texas toast, trails. Damn things just get busier the more you think about it. Get busy livin or get busy eating big macs, that's what I always say. Big shout out to Deco. Thanks for all things good. Thanks to clay @ Pusher, ProfileRacing, everyone out at West, Trey Sam and Taylor for shredding the entire time, buy some deco, and fuck gas prices. -Mat Olson
Also, check his new edit below. Sorry for slacking on this Mat, such a good it a hundred times. Mat Olson round and round DecoBMX from DecoBMX on Vimeo. The NEW Deco. PC pedal with 9 metal pins will be available soon. Keep checking back. Here is a pic to get you excited. Go to this. And this. 7 years old and blasting...London in Coloradical. Mat Olson  red rider...look out Woodward West. Momma Mims needs help...if your in this area, come by and support some cool shit Joey is doing for his momma. Even the newspaper is getting involved. Do good things and people will notice. Hemingway race jersey showing Deco. and Mr. B's some love...ya yar. Matt Coplon stompin that rail. Step on its face.

Party In The Parkin Lot Official Music Video - Chris Gentry ft. Raine

Dewd Tour Ocean city pics from Chad's iPhone.
Ocean City Dew Tour was pretty amazing, how can it not be. On the beach, bmx, boardwalk, and good times judging. Even Crandall was sighted, that was a shocker, FBM at Dew Tour. When it comes to bmx nothing is shocking. Like Kris Bennett's mole face. Double riding with Daryl Nau on beach cruisers. Jack Daniels huge back tattoo. Chillin with P rod.  San gria and the sink in our hotel getting ready for the night. Fireball was cool the first night then they sucked it up, I will still drink that sass though. Trey Jones orange tan. Chad won the Dew cup which isn't even a cup, and its fucking 50 lbs so your screwed shipping it back or flying with it cause it will blow out your back. "I heart black guys shorts" or "I pooped today" shorts. The boardwalk is diabetes waiting to happen with fried oreo's or fried corn on the cob, funnel cakes, candy factories every ten feet, greasy pizza, sugar flavored everything, candy coated everything, and fat waiting to put you to sleep. The board walk was incredible people watching, butt cracks showing, crack showing, bikini babes and the shitty tattoo war. The 2 mile walk each way was worth every minute of it. Even the contest was incredible. Just wish they did more than one or two events a year, they use to have 6 at one time. Bmx recession? Check the pics below for some laughs and some crys. My crotch was blown out before I landed then Freimuth topped it off and sliced it in half...sorry about those pics. -Chad D
    Here is a sneak peek of the 21.5" tt new Self Titled frames in Black or here soon. Your moments of ZEN  

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