Mat Olson edits, PowerBar Day, and OSP comp

Mat is always getting around, traveling and doing sessions at skateparks. He has recently been fiddling with a camera to get some footy for the site. Much appreciated. Not exactly the United video, but I really don't give a shit. This is showing Mat doing what he does on a daily basis. We sent him a Flip cam so the footy is going to get better for sure...and with how much he is traveling, the new edit is coming along sweet. Please leave a comment below with bashing or compliments. Were going to be changing the comment process on the bottom really soon, so get your digs in now. Or leave your web address for Kim Kardasians ass video. Holla. Mat Olson Part 1 Mat Olson Part 2 Mat Olson Part 3 Don't forget about the OSP BMX jam coming up really soon. Get your ass here for a fuck ton of fun and Brumlow will be there talking to people who annoy you. Mr. Covington will be on the mic as well telling everyone to support bmx and stop being virgins and support Deco. or die. orlandonovember2010 Thanks to everyone who stopped by to support the events we do, specially those hungry fools who came by to fill their guts. We had no probems giving away bars. Still it was a sad turnout, so we are going to be giving away, or actually shoving them down your throat at the OSP comp. Details on the flyer above. Anyways thanks to all of the people who didn't have to shop for food in a dumpster for the day, glad to help you out. chad holding powerbar stickerPowerbar benchbars on the counter Click HERE TO SEE THE KIT

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